Survive2Thrive – November 27, 2015

Friday: Hawk

Powder Keg!

As Turkey starts to try to communicate with Russia, asking for a meeting, it remains to be seen if the ‘incident’ of downing the Russian jet, doesn’t set off a string of unintended consequences.

I am in agreement with an article I read that points out that the real winner in any divisiveness amongst those who claim to be on the offensive against them is ISIS itself.  Before this incident there ‘appeared’ to be some sort of unity, at least as much as one could expect given the rhetoric of the past several weeks.  Now the tone has most definitely changed, if what is being reported by just about every MSM and alternative news outlet is even remotely on track.

Everyone has an opinion. What is yours?  This post will also appear on the facebook page, perhaps you want to express it there.  I think we all need to share our perspectives on this one.

Have a great holiday weekend!


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Russia vs NATO

The situation in the Middle East seems to be getting out of hand.  If it doesn’t end up an all out conflict between NATO and Russia I will be happily surprised. The saber rattling continues with Russia setting up ‘defensive’ forces (missiles) in the Baltic Sea between Ukraine and Turkey.  I fully expect someone to make a grave error that will lead to all out war and this one, with all the modern weaponry will be devastating.

The possibility that this will spread is also likely, how far is anyone’s best guess.  Europe is already on ‘war time footing’ in response to the latest ISIS attack. In the news last night here in the U.S. was a warm up for what is to come–most unfortunately.  Again, I want to be happily surprised should nothing happen and the entire situation deescalates!!! It is time to pay attention!!!  Close attention to what is happening in the world.  This is very serious folks!

I pray for peace in my lifetime.  I hope my children live through an era of no wars–Any where!!

Turkey Shoots down Russina Jet

This news is something that I have been dreading since Russia joined the fray in Syria.  When this many super powers get to shooting and bombing in a rather small space and there are lots of hidden political agendas at play, things can get out of hand very easily.  Now witness the downing of a Russian plane by Turkey.  A cycle of unintended consequences is now unfolding before our eyes.  How Russia will ultimately deal with this ‘insult’ remains to be seen.  Turkey is a NATO ally and this could bring all of NATO into a war, World War 3.  Isn’t this exactly what ISIS has been saying was their intention?

I hope that cool heads and reasonable people will be able to deescalate the tension this event has caused.  Unfortunately I don’t see that many cool heads or reasonable people in any of the governements involved in this shoot out.  France and Belgium are obviously pretty aggressive these days, with cause.  Turkey on the other hand is a very wild card.  I don’t think they have ever given up hopes of reestablishing an empire after losing it to the British.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the powers that be disrupted the governments of Syria and Iraq and Turkey, being a ‘stable’ government, was left to put the pieces back together?  That is just a thought…nothing more.

I am sure that there is a flurry of diplomatic activity right now across the globe.  Remember that wars can begin for the strangest reasons, ibid; WW1.  I only hope that we can avert an all out shoot’em up that could very easily spread across the globe.  We are currently the ‘Crusaders’ in the Middle East and Islam spreads far beyond those borders.

Stay Tuned!


ISIS and Israel

I have a question:  If ISIS is a radical islamic offshoot then they would be full of hate for Israelis yet why haven’t they attacked the Israeli pipeline that runs right through their ‘Caliphate’? See the map below of the pathway for this pipeline.  Wouldn’t that make strategic sense, especially if your goal is to start Armeggedon, to attack and disrupt oil/energy to Israel?  That would certainly make things a bit more compicated.

isis israel pipeline




Survive2Thrive – November 20, 2015

Friday: Hawk

Survive2Thrive – November 19, 2015

Thursday: Hawk

Gun Control

The video below was sent along to me today by an old friend. Worth the 2 minutes to watch it.

ISIS, Troops & War

Post Paris the talking heads are at it in a big way, calling for 10,000 or more troops to be on the ground in Iraq/Syria. Everyone fully expects France to invoke NATO article 5 which could lead to formal declaration of war on ISIS by members. This would be a first since ISIS is a […]