Survive2Thrive – January 30, 2015

Friday: Hawk

Microchip implants to open doors to your office?

I don’t know about you but I personally would never allow anyone to put a microchip in my body!  That is invasive and, in my opinion, you are giving your sovereignty away.  Read the article.

Robots to train Marines? The ‘Terminator’ scenario?

This is beyond the pale if you ask me.  Robots to train Marines?  Read here.

Air Asia Crash details not to be disclosed! Why?

That is the ultimate question here, why will the authorities not release the information from the black box?  Was this pilot error only?  Or something much more sinister?  Why was a critical computer disabled just before the crash?  Read more here.

Many believe Banks are not best place for the cash!

With real interest rates probably negative and many are unconvinced that the banks are ‘safe’, many people are now stashing the cash at home.  Read more here.

Police is alive and well…Go to Jail if you don’t get vaccinated!

Forced quaratine, forced vaccinations…where will this end?  This is the issue, how much of our freedoms and liberty will we be ‘happy’ to give up to feel ‘safe’?  Click here for more.

War and Terrorism

So again it is tit for tat, one killing deserves another i suppose!  Will this ever end?  Click here for the article as Iran targets Israel.

Robots, change coming?

If robots begin to do menial tasks, expect unemployment to soar.  Click here to read more.

Survive2Thrive – January 29, 2015

Thursday: Hawk

Survive2Thrive – January 28, 2015

Wednesday: Boil the frog Slowly – Sebastian & Pat