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Labor Force continues decline

The number of Americans engaged in the labor force is hitting some serious lows.  While unemployment rate may be falling the number of folks actively looking for work is also falling.  What is this telling you?  More people, almost 100 million, have given up….for whatever reason. The FED will most likely continue its failing policy of quantative easing…read article here

Flag buring in NY

Read the article here.  You decide!

What a Bank Run looks like–Greece example

Folks, these are current pictures and videos of a current day bank run-a la Greek style.  So if you ever had any doubts about what a run looks like here you go!  If you think this could never happen here, I would urge you to think again!  The financial shenanigans that governments are playing are very, very dangerous and will almost certainly lead to an economic collapse.  The only question in my mind is when.

Click here to read article and view pictures.

Richard Russell thinks this is the beginning of the end…

While I might disagree with Richard on the exact levels and timing of the ‘downturn’ I really can’t disagree with his end game scenario.  If you haven’t been paying attention to the world finance game, it might be time to start!  The powers that be are running hard and are trying to throttle Greece.  I hope that Greece begins to print their own money and begins to bring some honesty back to their monetary policy!  Click here to read Richard Russell’s article.

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IF Mt Ranier Erupts, what can we expect?

The article that you can read HERE, describes what would happen should Mt Ranier volcano erupt. It would be devastating for hundreds if not thousands of miles!