Survive2Thrive – February 27, 2015

Friday: Hawk

Survive2Thrive – February 26, 2015

Thursday: Hawk

Super Bugs in your local Dr and/or Dentist office!

The following article could be why I do my best to stay out of the Doctor and/or Dentist’s office!  I try to eat right, exercise and contemplate daily!  Read the article here.

Oh, and BTW Big Brother will not protect you!

Survive2Thrive – February 25, 2015

Wednesday: Boil the frog Slowly – Sebastian & Pat

Earthquakes on the New Madrid could change everything.

Stronger earthquakes could make a big difference in the world as we know it today.  Read article here.

Navy proves Flu ‘shots’ cause flu!

Well, it’s about time someone in the mainstream found some reality!  Read article here.

Obama hand picks audience for support/media event!

In support of his newest immigration push Obama’s minions have hand picked the audience for support!  Read here.


Chicago police detaining U.S. citizens Guantanamo style in the city!  Read about it here.



Survive2Thrive – February 24, 2015

Tuesday: Nurse Amy & Dr. Bones

Putin says war in Ukraine would be apocalyptic

I am not making this up, the story was carried by CNN, which of course has put their own spin on it. In other news Putin is refusing to meet anymore about the cease fire that was negotiated last week and which is apparently not working at all. I don’t know about you but this […]