Berkey sports water bottle purifier is great for hiking backpacking or travel

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Berkey sports water bottle purifier is great for hiking backpacking, kayaking or travel. Weighing only 5.5 ounces you can bring your own hand held water purifier with you when you travel.

Backpacking is a heavy and thirsty sport.

Do you carry a portable water purifier with you when you go? It’s really the best thing to do if you don’t want to add weight to your pack by carrying water.

A lot of hikers and backpackers have caught on to the idea of using a hiking water purifier. They are light and can purify water from sources you wouldn’t even think of. A hiking or backpacking water purifier can save you time when you are setting up camp for the evening. You don’t even need a fire to purify the water. Just find a source add the water and drink.

What could be better?

A backpacking water purifier is not only a good idea for camp life, you can carry them with you along the way. You don’t even have to take off your pack to use it or filter your water. Many sports water bottles offers a convenient carrying loop and an external pull top so you don’t have to worry about your hands contaminating the water.

Backpacking and hiking can be excruciating. Why would you want to add to this strain by carrying water that can be heavy and not easy to stow? A water bottle purifier could eliminate that weight by carrying a hiking water purifier. You could be expending your energy on the mountain or cliff not on carrying your water supply.

At night a hiking water purifier is the best because you know that you have to replenish yourself with the fluids you have lost during the day. You don’t want to take all your rest time, and fuel supplies purifying water by boiling it. Sometimes even boiling water does not remove all the chemicals and pollutants.

If you have gone from one season to the next in backpacking you can see that the environmental conditions of nature are quickly eroding. More and more people are exploiting our water. Big companies dump toxins and chemicals that end up everywhere – even remote areas. People don’t take care of their septic systems and they can leak into water sources corrupting a once natural and safe product into a deadly liquid. Berkey water purifiers safely filter out 99% of all pollutants and contaminants.

Be safe wherever you go.

It seems that if you are going to backpack you now have to protect yourself from that which once served to protect you. It is a shame, but it is the reality of backpacking. Water sources can no longer be trusted. Once beautiful rivers and streams are now polluted from a lot of sources and you cannot trust what is in the water ,even if you can’t see or smell it. You need a water bottle purifier to protect yourself from contaminated water so you can keep on hiking.

Don’t waste your energy and time on bottled water and don’t assume that the drinking sources you once used securely are the same safe oasis as before.

A water purifier you can take with you wherever you go

Keep yourself healthy for the next trip by investing in a good hiking water purifier that removes parasites, microbes, chemicals, pathogens, silt and other pollutants. Let yourself do what you intended to do, hike hard and relax. Enjoy backpacking and hiking and stay hydrated with fresh clean safe drinking water and a lightweight water purifier you can trust.

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