Monsanto loses 2 billion dollar suit in Brazil, is this good news?

June 15, 2012 by  
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I can’t say that Monsanto losing a 2 billion dollar lawsuit in this case is good news. The Brazilian farmers claim was that they didn’t need to pay any royalties to Monsanto after the 1st generation crop but could use the tainted seed harvested from that crop to replant the following year.Unfortunately the soy crops in Brazil are now 85% GMO, just behind the 90% here in the U.S.


I just don’t agree with the FDA or Monsanto saying that GMO crops are no danger to humans. The scientific research points in a complete opposite direction. Not only does that research point to damage but the fact of the matter is that after 20 years of these deadly crops and the cross pollenization, we don’t have any heirloom or untainted seed left in the world.


Even Mexican corn, considered to be the original corn strains, show contamination from GMO! If I were a conscientious farmer and wanted only ‘original’ seed and pure corn but couldn’t due to the contamination that Monsanto has foisted upon the world I would be incensed, as we should all be. No longer can we eat pure, untainted foods due to the greed and avarice of literally one single company.


We live in a very strange world where bad food is called ‘good’ and ‘healthy’. World agencies that are supposed to protect the peace actually wage war and kill innocents….well that is an entirely different subject for another day….



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