Food Shortages Coming?

July 18, 2012 by  
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After the stormy weather several weeks ago we should all be aware that food shortages can happen even when there is food in a state near you. Without electricity grocery stores can’t offer many types of food for very long and then, well no more food until the juice comes back.


Now with a late frost that damaged the wheat crop and the drought that is just baking the corn crops, we might see some folks panic that just assume that food will be available. World-wide there will be food shortages and sadly many people in some countries will starve.


Our food stocks in this country are low and will prevent us from exporting our normal allotment which will make the food issues even worse in the poorer countries that really need more food!


I suspect that we will see some pretty awful consequences of this drought as we go through the summer. Apart from the crop failures, we have already seen the worst forest fire season in decades! The economic effects of these fires is pretty high and will cost us all in increased premiums on our insurance for years to come!


I would ask each and everyone of the readers here: Are you prepared for a food shortage? Can you supplement with your own food stocks in the event that food is rationed? If your answer is no, then you had best get prepared and store some good, healthy and nutritious foods.

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