Food Inflation – Post Drought

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Now the mainstream media is paying a bit more attention to the drought and resulting price increases in the price of grains and corn in particular. Projected for next year are price hikes up to 5% across the board for products requiring any of the affected crops, which is almost everything these days.


Think about it, if it doesn’t have corn or wheat or any of the 1000’s of by products of each one of just these grains, it probably isn’t on the shelf at your local grocery store. Sure this is an an exaggeration but not by much!


And I don’t know where the individuals in the article by the Wall Street Journal shop, but my food costs have certainly gone up more than 1% this year. My wife complains about the amount of groceries she can buy compared to just last year. Yes, folks it has gotten so bad that everyone is noticing just how bad it really is.


We are starting to hit on the stored food supplies now just to offset some of those higher prices now. We are eating healthier too. The cost and nutritional value of the prepared foods are just not in alignment, at least in my opinion.


If everyone were to do this, the food companies would have no choice but to offer healthier prepared foods just to get people to buy their products. Imagine if everyone all of the sudden just stopped buying anything with GMO ingredients! We would very shortly see some major changes in the way our land is farmed and the products we would see on the shelf!


I am off the subject a bit, not much though. Perhaps mother nature is getting rid of the abominable crops all on her own! Of course the humans will suffer, but it will be over rather quickly as opposed to the slow suffering that is indicated by continual use of GMOs.


Back to the inflationary pressure that the drought is placing on us. Remember that it can take up to 6 months to see this price pressure on the foods in the store. So my advice is to buy as much as you can now and store it up. Cook more of your own food instead of buying prepared foods.

And remember you can always start to grown your own!



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