Billionaire Money Manager Bets Big on Gold

August 15, 2012 by  
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Billionaire John Paulson has bet big on Gold, raising his firms investment in the metal to 44%. He has been big on gold since 2009 but his luck has not been so hot for the past 2 years with record losses.


He is betting that gold will remain a great hedge against currency debasement, rising inflation and the possible break up of the euro. All things that everyone of us should be concerned about! He must be really concerned with a bet that size.


Seriously folks, while this guy’s recent track record isn’t the best his long term record is pretty dang good! For those of us out there that continue to hold gold and silver we can take comfort in the knowledge that some very sophisticated investors are feeling the same way as we are and doing the same thing..buying gold and silver.


The prices are down and the macro economic situation hasn’t changed at all, in fact in my view it is even worse. Now you have the Israelis talking about bombing Iran again. Syria is falling apart and the news on the Euro, Spain and Greece is just not improving. Added to all this is the threat of a world wide food shortage and I have not listed all the bad stuff out there either!


Time to get prepared? I would think so in spades! Food, water, gold and silver make up a really great starter kit!



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