Israel Prepares to Attack Iran

August 15, 2012 by  
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For the 3rd time in 3 months Israel has once again made threats to bomb the nuclear facilities in Iran. From what you read in Mainstream Media, you would think that they are serious this time!


I kinda doubt it. We have an election coming up and Obama and the Israelis are buddies. They want to see him reelected to insure continued funding. At the same time the ‘war of words’ isn’t working. Iran doesn’t seem to care about all the rhetoric and just continue on their way.


I am still not convinced that their ‘nuclear’ facilities and capabilities are a threat. Maybe, maybe not! I just can’t help but remember the WMD excuse to get us into a fight in Iraq. Is this yet another set up?


I am convinced that nukes in the hands of anyone are a threat to the continued existence of the human beings of the world. Once some nuke war starts how is that contained? Given the history of human beings in wartime, I just don’t think anyone will show any form of restraint. Billions will die in the much talked about Armageddon!


Having said all this. We can only pray that a solution is found that does not require force, especially initiated by a western power or one backed by them (Israel). Talk about destabilizing the entire region and the world!


I urge everyone to start vigilant and assess the news as it comes out with a very discriminating eye. Not everything is as it seems.

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