Asylum For Wikileaks Julian Assange

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Of all places to grant Julian Assange of Wikileaks asylum, Ecuador! President Correa of Ecuador, not to be bullied by England, granted him asylum early today. Not a very comfortable place for Assange as it appears he is sleeping on an air mattress in a converted office in a very small embassy.


That England would threaten Ecuador with revoking their embassy status is ludicrous to the extreme in any circumstance. It is a violation of the Geneva Convention and accepted International Law. If this does happen we are all in for a very rough time. I suspect that many English and perhaps American embassies across the world would be faced with a severe backlash and see many embassies’ status revoked and closed. At least I hope this is what would happen.


It just doesn’t make sense that such measures would even be talked about in this case. He hasn’t been charged with a crime! This is all about the U.S. and others wanting to exact some revenge on Mr Assange and nothing else. He would most certainly be whisked away to the U.S. and face trial on some trumped up charges of espionage.


I for one think that the U.S. is pissed because what we have paid for in services, delivered by various departments of state and military, is not up to the price we paid. In short, we are getting ripped off, lied to and controlled by the very government we pay for! Enough is enough.


I say let Mr. Assange leave the embassy and go to live in Ecuador! Let him continue to publish these ‘top secret’ cables and let us and the world know what is really taking place in the upper echelons of government! It is time for the covers to be drawn back, no more secrets.

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