Planting Cocoa vs Cocaine in Columbia

August 16, 2012 by  
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Sigh, just another sign of the times I suppose. After a drop of 40% in the price of Cocoa since last year, it is becoming harder to convince farmers in Columbia to plant a legal crop such as cocoa. They are opting instead for cocaine due to the steady price over the past year.


The demand for cocoa is falling due to the economic situations in the U.S. and Europe, yet the demand for cocaine is holding steady! Just goes to show you that feeling good about everything with cocaine must be preferable to the ‘feel good’ of cocoa.


My wife only does cocoa and wouldn’t give it up. She swears by chocolate and that it makes her feel better! My solution to this issues is more people like my wife who would not consider cocaine but would and do eat a lot of chocolate!


This way demand for cocoa would skyrocket and prices rise, while the demand for cocaine would soften, we hope, and prices drop…Well one can hope can’t they? ┬áBut seriously folks it is a sign of the times, at least in my opinion, that so many people prefer to ingest cocaine for the high or that feeling of happiness rather than some healthier and legal method.

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