Big Food Companies Sued over Labeling

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Labeling laws, what a convoluted mess this has become. I for one am for truth in labeling and support the lawsuits that have been brought forward to make these companies begin to follow the same guidelines that the smaller companies are being forced to follow.


This is a good thing, to bring some justice to an arcane system of labeling and enforcement where the big companies can get off without penalty yet smaller companies are sometimes shut down for the same infractions.


Unfortunately, even thought many small companies have products that for 100’s if not 1000’s of years have been used for certain conditions with great results, they usually don’t have the money to do the studies that the FDA requires to extol these claims to the public. The wording is extremely picky if in fact one wants to try to ‘get around’ the rules, a risky proposition at best!


More honesty in the labeling would be a welcome relief. I would extend that invitation to become more honest to the Big Food Boys that are pushing GMO’s. They should have to label the GMO ingredients for what they are Genetically Modified Organisms. I leave it to you to do your research into why these organisms can be so dangerous…I have expounded upon these dangers repeatedly.


For a very good and in depth look at GMO’s please take a look at Jeffery Smith’s work in this area. He has several books and now a movie out about GMO’s.





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