Freedom of Speech out the window

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I am outraged! That the government would arrest and put one of our vets in a mental hospital for a FACEBOOK POST asking that the 911 investigation be reopened is absolutely ludicrous! The government has gone completely insane and the responsible parties should be removed from their positions immediately-in my opinion.


I suppose I will be next in line for a stint at the closest insane asylum, along with several million Americans that feel the same way. There is so much evidence that points to a bit more to the 911 story (and many other outrageous acts-bailouts for example) than we have been fed by a Media, or should I say propaganda, apparatus here in the U.S.


I hope that you are outraged as well. I can’t believe how We the People have allowed our government to gradually steal away our rights, to become the laughing stock of the world. What we once fought against; repression, injustice, human rights, our government now stands for all that apparently!


Look at the Julian Assange case. Assange is tantamount to a publisher. He was approached by a ‘whistleblower’ and decided to publish the information online. So now he is guilty of what exactly? Perhaps he is guilty of bringing to our attention the level of service we are paying for in our Government-since when did publishing information become a crime? During Watergate if this had been allowed we would never have know what happened and Nixon would never have resigned. Where is our outrage?


The media in this country is a pitiful resemblance of what it once was, the bastion of impartial reporting…true reporting. Now the government threatens at every turn to throw a good reporter in jail and/or sue their news outlet into oblivion. ┬áNow we must turn to the press in other countries to try and piece together the real story…if that is even possible these days!


Thank God that the most onerous piece of the National Defense Authorization Act has been suspended in U.S. court. That particular piece 1021 allowed the President to hold anyone without due process if the government found they disagreed with the official position too radically. Sounds like Russia in the 1930’s doesn’t it to you?


I am ashamed of this government and urge everyone to be constantly vigilant and act when appropriate, and these days action is called for almost everyday!

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