Hurricane Issac

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Isaac hit hurricane strength today and is unfortunately headed for Louisiana, or so it seems. I think that if I lived in New Orleans I would be headed for higher ground. After Katrina everyone should know that flooding is a high possibility.


The Army Corp of Engineers continues to be in control of the levy system and if those levies are not up to full strength we could very well see another disaster, even though the storm is weaker than Katrina. The question is how much can that levy system take?


For the rest of us outside of the hurricane’s path this should be yet another wake up call to be prepared for all types of events. Do you have a grab and go bag? Do you know what that is? How about water, do you have enough just in case the water system fails? Do you have enough food and fuel to cook it with? Those are just some basic questions and the more you think about it the more you will realize just how fragile our system really is.


How long do you think it takes for a grocery store to completely empty out of all consumables? I can tell you at most just a matter of days. Will you have what you need to last until they restock the shelves? That could be days if not weeks depending on the crisis. Up here in the mountains this happens all to frequently when we get a big snowstorm.


I urge everyone to think about these things. Adapt your preparedness list for your geographic region and the natural events that could change your living circumstances dramatically.

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