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Better Than You Could Ever Imagine!


Dear Friends,

As the Nov. 4th Elections role in we see that the

Television Networks, Newspapers and Magazines are

‘A Buzz’ with all of ‘the excitement!’ (Notice that i

did not capitalize the e?). Well, i just returned from a 9,000

mile car trip, and i saw at least 200,000 cars in that time;

i saw exactly three Romney and perhaps 250 Obama bumper

stickers —– there were far more Ron Paul signs than

both Romney and Obama put together!

Most of you know that all of the major networks, and

media are fully controlled by the Power Elite/Illuminati/Oligarchy/

Political Zionists/’Bad Guys’ – whatever you want to name these ‘dark rascals’

The Predominate Media does not want the American citizens to know

these simple facts concerning both Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama:

1. They both support military spending at levels over

80% greater than Bush’s highest levels (which were at all time highs)

2. They both support a continued war in Afghanistan (what

exactly is the objective there besides protecting the Caspian Pipe

Line that sends oil to China and India??)

3. Their largest campaign contributors — guess what – it

is the very same group – Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan

4. They have both given total and blind support to the Israel

war machine, to The Mossad and to the over 400 nuclear weapons

that Israel has stored.

5. They both give 100% support The Federal Reserve System

and Fractional Reserve Banking even though this system is: Unconstitutional

and has siphoned off $Trillions to the Power Elite

6.They both support the ‘Black Budgets of the NSA and CIA’ (which

at this time is over $100 Billion per year) and they fully defend the fairy tale

story of 9/11

7. They both support the National Defense Authorization Act (Good Bye


8. They both support massive deficit spending – and i mean massive!

9. Neither one will speak about the Economic time Bomb that is

about to explode – The Toxic Derivatives!

10. Neither one will talk about: Chemtrails, Monsanto, Flouride

or most other real environmental concerns

11. Neither one has the ‘balls’ or desire to truly bring back jobs

to the United States

And on, and on and on. Look friends our government has been hi-jacked a long time ago

by a very slick and criminal element that give not a ‘rats ass’ for the people of this nation. The

‘Two Party System’ and ‘Democracy’ (a word not once used in the Constitution) are used as

propaganda terms for the majority of the ignorant people (a majority of them significantly over-weight

and on some type of big-pharma medication) who believe they live in a free country. In my opinion,

anyone who believes in the goodness of the Republican or Democratic party or the Government in

general is either deluded or is receiving support.

I realize my words seem harsh,,,,,but the above is what i experience. As you know i believe

strongly in the concepts of freedom as expressed in the original

Constitution and Bill of Rights – as i hope you do! Well those ‘concepts’ have been co-opted a

long time ago and in fact we are living in a high-tech fascist country (controlled by the Corporations,

Banking Centers and an all expanding government). Presently, our government has a ‘Velvet Glove’

on but it is just a matter of time before this glove is removed.

This trend will continue unless enough good, intelligent, honest and strong citizens have

enough courage to come together to make the changes for: 1. Significantly Limited Government, 2. Constitutional

Money and Balanced Budgets, 3. An end to the dominance of the Secret Societies, NSA and CIA,

4. An open and de-centralized Media, 5. An end to these insane foreign wars, 6. Real energy

conservation and renewable energy, 7. True respect for the earth and environment 8. Protection

of our boarders, 9. An end to the dominance of the Corporations and a creation of private-high

integrity business and trade.

And,,,,,,,most importantly, we need to: open our hearts, and and minds and to live with a

heck of a lot more gratitude and joy! Thanks for listening to my rant —– and if any of this rings

true for you,,,,,,,,,you know what needs to be done!!!!!!!!!

This post came from a very dear friend of mine and I am on board and agree with this commentary fully!



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