7.6 Earthquake hits Costa Rica

September 5, 2012 by  
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We have seen a rash of earthquake activity, first California then El Salvador and now Costa Rica with a very large quake. Thank goodness that there are minimal human casualties so far.  Now there is a higher alert status on the Turrialba Volcano there as scientists have noticed increased activity and believe that an eruption might be imminent.


I love Costa Rica and am happy to know that there is so little damage. It does remind us thought that very large earthquakes can and do occur in this hemisphere and we should all be ready to respond should one occur near us.


Thank God that this didn’t occur near one of the nuclear facilities in our country. We wouldn’t worry so much about the radiation from Fukushima and would instead focus on the destruction here at home! Believe me, it would be an event that no one, not even a politician would ever, ever forget!


Be prepared, be healthy.

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