Half Americans have uncontrolled High Blood pressure

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If you are one of the 67 million Americans suffering from high blood pressure then you might want to pay attention to your lifestyle, diet, exercise, etc.


A recent report says that 1/2 of those with high blood pressure don’t do anything about it and then goes on to say you can help control it through adopting a better lifestyle and also drugs. I am sure Big Pharma will love this article.


From time to time I have high blood pressure, sometimes really high and I control it with herbs and I am taking better care of myself. I am getting more exercise and protein in my diet-which is pretty good but not enough protein.


I usually use herbs such as Linden Flower and a Heart Support Product from EnerHealth Botanicals. Normally they bring my blood pressure down quickly if I catch it in time. I also do have a prescription drug and have used exactly 3 pills in 3 years, for those occasions when I don’t catch the blood pressure in time. This works for me.


I am not saying that everyone should self treat as I do. This in itself requires awareness of your body and diligence. For me the bottom line is: Drugs are not always the answer. Be smart and take care of yourself.

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