A Police State

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Where are we headed as a country? It appears that no matter which party is in power, the objective is to get more power and control.


Recently a Federal Court judge ruled that the clause in the National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA, that allowed the government to hold an American citizen indefinitely without charges was suspended, it was not constitutional. Of course the Administration went to the Federal court of Appeals and had that ruling overturned. Obviously, the executive branch is not very interested in our freedom nor rights as citizens.


This particular clause has many journalists very afraid and has affected their journalism. The problem with this clause is the question of who defines what ‘terrorism’ really is. If it suits the powers that be it can be dang near anything they want it to be. So reporters that have a more independent view of the way things happen might end up in jail or worse, Guantanamo Bay!


It really doesn’t pay to counter the government line. One very bold example of this craziness was the detention of an ex Marine because he ‘facebooked’ a message that said basically that the 9-11 investigation should be reopened since the governments official explanation didn’t cover building 7. He was detained for a month in a mental institution without charges.


I am hoping the citizens will eventually wake up and say with one voice ‘we have had enough’! Unfortunately, the way various interest groups are ‘played’ against one another that is very unlikely!

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