Isn’t it obscene that 181 million raised for an election?

October 6, 2012 by  
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This is just out, $181 million raised in September alone by just Obama!  Between the 2 presidential candidates, Obama and Romney, we probably saw over $350 million in that month with many more hundreds of millions already raised and spent and many more to come this month. In this economy that is just obscene to me!


We have over 50 million people on food stamps, many millions of American live from paycheck to paycheck. The middle class in our country has all but been destroyed by this economic ‘slowdown’, yet these jokers spend hundreds of millions to get elected!


In my experience when that much money is changing hands there are promises being made to the special interests that have that kind of money to give. Many of these promises are most likely not in the best interests of the majority of people.


There are just so many things wrong with this picture on so many different levels! I am sad that we now have only 2 parties that can compete in this money game…in the end neither candidate will begin to live up to the many promises made and will most likely perpetuate the status quo, or in a worst case scenario, make things much worse.


Just think if we could somehow take all the money that these politicians raise and spend to get elected to any office and create a slush fund for all Americans that would be managed with openness and oversight by these same Americans what we could get done. Yes very optimistic and unrealistic. That much money would attract flies…and then we would have more of the same just a different tune!



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