TSA, Corrupt

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The TSA is arguably one of the most, if not the most, corrupt agencies in government today. I am not just saying this as several ex employees-that have spent time in jail for theft while on the job-have come forward to say that there is little supervision and theft is commonplace amongst the rank and file.


And you thought that our government and their agencies were acting to make travel safer, more secure? Think again…these rogues (not all but many) are after your stuff! We have seen almost 400 employees dismissed from the TSA for theft from 2003 to 2012, 11 so far this year. Yet the agency says that this behavior is not widespread amongst the rank and file…I beg to differ.


These people are supposed to be ‘protecting’ our air lanes from the onslaught of terrorism and apparently we have a bunch of criminals doing the job…far too many in my mind. It only takes one crooked agent to let someone on a plane with bad intentions. Hey if these guys can steal from you and resell the bounty for profit, who is to say they can’t take money from a ‘real’ terrorist?


In my opinion the entire security apparatus is flawed and needs either a complete revamp or just toss it a start anew.



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