European Union sides with Monsanto on French GMO corn study

October 7, 2012 by  
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Just released, the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has said that the study done at the University of Caens in France on the effects of GMO corn on mice is ‘flawed’. However, they won’t release any details on their findings other than the type of mouse used is ‘prone to tumors’. A statement which I find hard to believe.


Many academics have expressed their ‘dismay’ at the findings and don’t agree with them. I am betting that many of these academics are somehow on the Monsanto payroll. This is tantamount to bribery of experts to support the corporate cause!


I find it curious that the EFSA came out with a ‘finding’ so quickly. We worked for almost 2 years to get a product approved in the EU jumping hurdle after hurdle, yet on this issue the verdict was delivered in less than a couple of weeks, just in time to hopefully counter the momentum that study has given to Proposition 37.


Stay tuned as the battle for our future and that of our children rages on! We must eradicate these abominations from our food chain.

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