Chemtrails are real…says Swedish Politician

It may come as no big surprise to most that chemtrails are real and made up of all kinds of nasty ingredients. This was confirmed by a Swedish politician, Pernilla Hagberg, who went on to say it is a joint operation by U.S. CIA and NSA and the Swedish government.


What exactly they are spraying is really very concerning. The toxic mixture is composed of aluminum, barium, viral fragments, viruses and a mixture of aerosols. While many were saying those of us that had real concerns about these nasty chemtrails were merely paranoid, it seems that that paranoia is justified…in the extreme.


I am not really paranoid about these chemtrails. I am plenty mad that our government does these things to our environment and to us. It seems that both big government and large corporations don’t really have our best interests at heart.


I urge you to speak out and do so soon, while there is still something left to protect!

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