Fukushima getting worse

October 20, 2012 by  
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The news is certainly continues to be bad here. Not only do we not get a true picture of the situation on the ground at the plant, but the subject is literally ignored by the media at large. We have nothing to go on from Mainstream media!


Fortunately there are a few ‘leaks’ from high placed officials in Japan. Most recently the ex ambassador from Japan to Switzerland and Senegal has said that the situation continues to worsen. The ground underneath reactor 4 is sinking and threatens the structural integrity of the reactor.


Not good news considering that there are 1500 spent rods in the building with enough radiation to make the world completely uninhabitable…WOW! That is serious folks. If that building goes there would be a meltdown of the reactor and ensuing fire in the atmosphere and it would go downhill from there!!!!


Yet, the nuclear industry continues to tell us that this form of energy production is safe. Unbelievable!!!

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