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This is just in…the opposition group to the passage of Proposition 37 in California may have crossed the line from lies to criminal behavior. They, Monsanto, Dupont et al, that sponsor the ‘No to Proposition 37’ coalition sent out a letter that utilizes the FDAs logo, a criminal offense according to the law. We will see if the authorities do anything about this. My bet is we will not. Big government and big business walk hand in hand!


I am absolutely for Proposition 37 as is Dr Oz, among other mainstream celebrities. I feel that that there are many dangers associated with GMOs (genetically modified ingredients). First, these abominations are created using unproven technology..the scientists are never really sure what has happened after the ‘blast’ in the ‘new’ genes into the existing genetic structure of the plant, or animal, they wish to ‘modify’. This procedure gives us an organism that may or may not be beneficial to the human condition nor the worlds food supply at large. There has been little long term research on these organisms except perhaps the latest University of Caens report of the effects of these things on mice and that should be enough to scare the pants off just about anyone. These organisms are not safe and could in fact be killers!


Second, once these things have been created in plants the ‘creating’ company, such as Monsanto, then OWNS the seeds. The ramifications of this is indeed dangerous. Having a multinational, or any corporation, own…literally own the very seed from which we get our nourishment is to me so very threatening. They could in fact control our food supply, even if you wanted to grown food in your garden at home!!!


Given the lack of humanity of these corporations I would bet that they want to maximize their profits and increase their power even if it causes great misery to the masses! This is a scenario of horror that I for one would not like to contemplate. What this means for you as an individual and our country must be contemplated!



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