Being Prepared for Disasters!

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In the past I have had people write to me and tell me that I am a ‘fear monger’, using fear to sell products. I would think that Hurricane Sandy would put those statements to rest! Just think where those people are that had some supplies stored up, propane camp stove and a gravity fed water filter. I am pretty sure that they are not dumpster diving for food and going without water.


We have relatives in the lower Manhattan area that live in some pretty posh digs and they might as well be in a tenement building, they would be better off for sure! They have had no power or water since Sunday night. No internet no cell phone, no nothing! The company he works for finally got him a very expensive hotel room so that he could work, he is a ‘virtual’ employee.


He was going to coffee shops etc uptown but they are all packed since everyone has that same idea. They have power uptown and it is warm and you can buy food. Downtown, you can just forget about all that. Of course, getting from downtown Manhattan to anywhere can be an issue as well. Limited subway lines open and cars require fuel and there appears to be little of that.


Then you can look at the footage of this huge disaster, Staten Island is a mess along with long island and New Jersey. Fist fights over food and fuel are becoming common. Between that and the high level of destruction there are places with Martial Law now. Wow!  The survival instincts of many are kicking in and if food, water and shelter aren’t delivered ASAP you could see things deteriorate further.


I just hope that those that think storing up some food and making just very basic preparations is a crazy idea will wake up in time. We are having some pretty wild natural disasters of late and they might, just maybe get caught in one and wish they had taken the advice to prepare yourself and family for the unforeseen event that could cause a lot of suffering, more than necessary.

The bottom line is that the supply chains for virtually everything we use, food, water, fuel, etc. are very fragile indeed.  Once broken it can take a while to fix and during that time what will you do?






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