Weather related disasters on the upswing?

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More information is coming out now about the frequency of disasters worldwide. According to one insurance think tank over the past 3 decades natural weather disasters have quintupled. If you ever wondered why your insurance premiums have increased this factoid could be the key.


Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and derechos as a group are on the upswing and they are getting more expensive as property values in the more desirable waterfront areas becomes more expensive. As we throw good money after bad in rebuilding in places in coastal areas that are prone to flooding I am hoping someone will begin to reassess that waste.


We have to become a bit smarter about the places where we want to build our neighborhoods when it comes to wildfires, hurricanes and flooding. Does it make sense to rebuild in areas that can just disappear in the blink of an eye? At what cost both financially and in human lives does this equation become sensible?


Tornadoes can hit just about anywhere and there are things one can do to decrease loss of life so the positioning of towns etc is not as much of a concern as taking proper precautions in the event one strikes near you.


Whatever the cause of these disasters, for the common man, the reality is that they happen and you can’t ever tell where or when they will occur-only that they will happen. Thus, ultimately it is up to the individual to make these choices and then live with them even in the face of extreme hardship. The question becomes should a bad decision by one or many be borne by those who make better choices?


The world is becoming a different place and we must adjust our living habits and desires to increase our chances of survival, or at least existence with a minimum of suffering. Nature is not forgiving and second chances should be carefully evaluated and hopefully good decisions will be made!



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