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I am the first to say that the recent shooting in CT was a national tragedy. It is hard to fathom how someone, anyone can do such a thing.


The political backlash is another new debate on the 2nd amendment and how the current administration can dilute it. In my opinion there is just no good way to limit the ownership of firearms. Criminals will always be able to acquire them on the street, much as they do now, and use them for the purpose the criminal intends–harm, robbery, murder. Determination is the key here, and anyone that is determined enough can acquire a weapon just about anywhere on the planet!


Perhaps we should prohibit the sale of a firearm to ANYONE that has been prescribed psychotropic medications? I am sure the big pharma guys would be all for that piece of legislation, although it doesn’t sound bad does it? No one wants crazy people running around with guns now do they?


Of course, with the CT shooting the boy didn’t own any guns, his mom did and he stole them from her. How you would avoid this shooting is beyond me given the current state of affairs. It is a true tragedy.


Perhaps the only way that such an incident would have had the possibility of being stopped is if school personnel were themselves armed and able to engage this demented person before or during his rampage to either stop or limit the casualties.


Don’t you think that those with bad intentions would think twice about coming into our schools if they were aware that the personnel were armed and ready to protect our children?


The reverse can be seen in Australia for example. Once guns were either taken or highly regulated, requiring them to be held in a safe etc., making them very hard to use, criminal invasions of homes increased. The criminals knew their time had arrived and they could attack citizens with impunity.


Among many people in this country weapons are tools and are treated with respect and care. Everyone in the house knows how to use them and what to use them for. The respect in the community for one another is very high. Thus the saying, an armed society is a polite one.


While there are always bad apples in the barrel, it doesn’t mean that the whole lot is ruined. There are a lot of positives to owning weapons in this country today. The negatives are what we see on mainstream media today. Of course there are a ton of shootings in this country every year, many of them instigated by criminal elements. Others by seriously demented individuals.


One of the reasons that gun ownership is not such a bad thing is we would be very hard to invade. An invading army would be hard pressed to make a lot of headway, without serious casualties, against such a formidable force. If this were to happen, foreign troops on our shores, the military would have failed in their purpose, leaving it to us alone to correct the incursion.


For me ‘homeland security’ would be reason enough to own a weapon.







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