How one entrepreneur is fighting back against government stupidity!

Have you ever felt that there are just way too many rules facing us as we try to run our businesses? This video talks about why stupid government regulations stifle business and how one guy is fighting back

Collaborative consumption as a potential model for a sustainable world

What do we all crave if it is not happiness and part of that is having our needs met, both from fresh foods, good housing, good company and more. In this presentation below consider this new model with an open mind. It is very different from what we have been taught to buy into but […]

How they are doing local food across the pond!! Some great ideas

The post below is about some innovative movements growing in the UK. Take a look!

Matt McD posted before on why a focus on “food miles” over simplifies the local food debate. And Lloyd and Pablo, in their post on the Carbon Footprint of Local Food, have also made the case that local is about […]

What is our country coming to? Housing’s last resort for those who are flat broke.

When we look at the state of our nation closely, the reality betrays a far different situation than the one painted by mainstream media. Homelessness is on the rise. Young families having to move back with mum and dad or grandparents. Unemployment numbers of 20% or more in many places. Cities emptying and halving their […]

Why we should be concerned about Bats disappearing!!!

Bat populations in North America are declining fast. In this article by Beth Bucynski we learn more about what is happening, where and how to speak up and what are the implications for HUmans and agriculture if this continues.

2006, scientists began to notice that a mysterious disease was decimating bat populations in upstate New […]

If you like this site and other health sites, take action now to keep them up !!! Our free speech is truly threatened

Our friends at Natural News are uniting fellow conscious citizens to actively oppose SOPA and PIPA which are direct threats to our freedom of speech. These laws up for passage would allow the U.S. government to shut down websites it claims “endanger public health.” Their version of pharmaceutical mind numbing drugs and vaccines health that […]

What’s holding your thyroid prisoner?

In this post by Dr Brownstein, a gifted doc I have studied with, you will learn more about the dangers of Bromine and how its presence in so many areas of our lives is impacting our thyroids. Taking iodine rich foods such as Enerfood, supplements such as thyrobust and consuming good mineral rich salt can […]

Can the ancient discipline of yoga really be so dangerous?

I felt I had to comment on this article by Lisa Collier, itself a commentary on an article that appeared in the New York Times very recently. As always there are a plethora of opinions on whether yoga is really good for you. My experience, and mine is personal, is that yoga, when practiced wisely […]

How media manipulation destroys the fabric of our country and world

In this fast paced world where many are struggling to keep their heads above financial tsunamis, destructive natural phenomenae and social distress, time is becoming an ever more precious commodity and so many rely on newsflashes to form their opinions and even to vote. We have been trained to believe what those in authority are […]

What chemicals are contributing to making us fat?

No matter how much you try, does it seem harder and harder to keep weight off. Well part of the reason is that we are exposed to so many chemicals on a regular basis.

In her book ‘The 21st Century is Making you Fat’ former Ecologist Editor Pat Thomas details the full range of industrial […]