Mass Media and Big Pharma

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Interesting Connections:

Out of the nine media corporations studied, six had directors who also represented the interests of at least one pharmaceutical company. In fact, save for CBS, every media corporation had board connections to either an insurance or pharmaceutical company….

Media                    Pharmaceutical/Insurance Companies

Disney/ABC              Procter & Gamble

GE/NBC                              Chubb, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, Merck

Time Warner                     AIG, Health Cap, Paratek Pharmaceuticals

Fox/News Corp                GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech, Hybritech

New York Times Co.        First Health Group, Eli Lilly

Tribune Co.                        Abbott Labs, Middelbrook Pharmaceuticals

Gannett/USA Today        Chubb

FDA Set To Ramp Up Regulation of Alternative Health Medicines

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I think this is yet another shot across the bow of our personal freedoms and choice.  FDA wants to and i suspect will, continue to ramp up regulation of homeopathic medicines of all kinds.  The ruse is that the consumer is ‘harmed’ because they don’t do anything-at least as far as they are concerned.  You see medicines that are natural are not patentable, meaning once proven that one works everyone can join in and make it and sell it.   To prove that a remedy works one must do clinical trials at the cost of millions to prove/disprove the efficacy of the medicine for the intended condition.

So, if you can’t control the medicine, via patents, then you spent millions to prove it works but you can’t control the market via a patent.  This is why Big Pharma wants to discredit in any way possible all natural remedies.  As more people use them, and less use of these pharmaceuticals, it is harder-or at least takes longer to make a profit.

The folks involved in making and offering natural remedies must rely on information and results hundreds and in some cases centuries old.  This is considered anecdotal evidence and not valid.  For those that use them, these herbal remedies and homeopathics do work when taken correctly.  Unfortunately, now the FDA seems to want to limit our access to these medicines.

Nun admits care home children were involved in medical trials

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Almost 300 children resident in care homes in the 1960s and 70s were used in medical trials, it has been reported.

298 children in ten different care homes were involved, it was reported on Dublin radio station Newstalk this morning.

In one of the trials, 80 children became ill after they were accidentally administered a vaccine intended for cattle.

Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline uncovered the experiments after it purchased one of the labs involved.

GSK was in no way involved in the trials.

The show spoke to a Christy, a former child resident of Bessborough House in Cork.

“I remember speaking to my mum and I asked her why I’d do many marks on my body, she said ‘I don’t know’ and said ‘when you arrived your arms were sore and bandaged.’”

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Ten mother and baby homes carried out vaccine trials on almost 300 children – report

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MORE THAN 298 children across ten mother and baby homes were subject to experimental vaccine trials during the 1960s and 1970s, reports Newstalk.

Newstalk Breakfast claims that vaccine trials were conducted at homes at Bessborough in Cork, St Peter’s in Westmeath, St Clare’s in Stamullen, and The Good Shepherd in Dunboyne, as well as six other Dublin homes.

It is believed the trials took place between 1960 to 1976.

While the state could not provide the information about the number of drug trials that were carried out on children, Glaxo SmithKline were compelled to supply documents in relation to the drug trials in 2000.

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Supreme Court: State can immunize children in its custody

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The Department of Human Services can order children in its custody to be immunized, even if the child is in temporary custody and even if the parents object to the immunizations on principle, according to an Oregon Supreme Court ruling issued Thursday.

The state took custody of the eight children involved in the case — ages 1 to 10 — in January 2012 after finding their home “bestrewn with garbage and food, the children dirty, and the children’s educational needs barely addressed by mother’s home-school curriculum,” according to the court’s decision in Department of Human Services v. S.M. et al.

The state ordered the children be placed in foster care after several weeks of working with the family because “the condition or circumstances (of the children were) such as to endanger (the children’s) welfare or others’ (welfare),” the court opinion said.

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Groups call for safe reduction of C-sections

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In a bid to reduce rates of cesarean sections that have climbed more than 60% in the past 15 years, two major medical societies issued guidelines today that urge women and doctors to have more patience during labor, allowing nature to take its course rather than rushing to surgery.

The growing use of C-sections, accounting for one-third of all deliveries in the USA, has raised concerns on a number of fronts.

Although the surgeries are performed out of caution for newborns, they sharply increase the risk of complications and death for women.

The death rate is more than three times higher in mothers who undergo C-sections – 13 deaths per 100,000 women – than in those who deliver vaginally, according to the new report, issued by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

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Former DEA chief says pot legalization a ‘disaster’

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These days, former DEA administrator Peter Bensinger is like a lonely voice crying out in the wilderness – an anti-drug crusader who served three American presidents, now battling the perils of pot at a time when legalization is all the rage.

“I think it’s a disaster,” he told “Power Players” of the rapid growth in sales of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington and medicinal pot in 18 other states.

It “will damage the young people in that state. It will damage the industries in the state, and put the highways in jeopardy,” he said. “Plus, it’s against federal law and the Constitution and our international treaties.”

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Girl who falls asleep 30 times a day since taking flu vaccine: Teenager to receive pioneering drug in battle against narcolepsy

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It was supposed to be a simple vaccine against swine flu, but since she had it, Chloe Glasson’s life has been like a bad dream.

Just four months after being given the Pandemrix injection, the 15-year-old schoolgirl developed the sleeping disorder narcolepsy.

Now, without warning, she falls asleep up to 30 times a day wherever she is.

Naturally, this has made her life at school challenging, as she often drops off in class. But it is also potentially dangerous.

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Christie agrees to ease some rules on medical marijuana for kids, but conditionally vetoes bill

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TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie agreed today to make it easier for severely ill children to participate in the medical marijuana program, but said he would not go along with one provision of the measure and sent it back to the state Legislature.

The bill was inspired by the plight of 2-year-old Vivian Wilson, who has been diagnosed with a potentially lethal form of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome, for which a rare strain of marijuana in Colorado has helped reduce symptoms for in several dozen other sick children.

In giving lawmakers much of what they wanted, Christie agreed to provisions allowing marijuana cultivators to produce more than three strains of the drug, and to sell edible products that children would be able to consume.

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Yaz, Yasmin birth control pills suspected in 23 deaths

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At least 23 Canadian women who were taking two of the most commonly prescribed birth control pills in the world have died, CBC News has learned.

According to documents obtained from Health Canada, doctors and pharmacists say Yaz and Yasmin are suspected in the deaths of the women, who mostly died suddenly from blood clots.

One of the women, 18-year-old Miranda Scott, was working out on an elliptical machine at the Okanagan gym at the University of British Columbia when she collapsed and died three years ago, said her mother, Chip McClaughry, who is involved in a class-action lawsuit against Bayer, the maker of the birth-control pills.

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