Powder Keg!

As Turkey starts to try to communicate with Russia, asking for a meeting, it remains to be seen if the ‘incident’ of downing the Russian jet, doesn’t set off a string of unintended consequences.

I am in agreement with an article I read that points out that the real winner in any divisiveness amongst those […]


The ‘Controllers’ put a little too much in their witches brew —- this is some of the results!

After 20 years of this spraying, ‘Right in Front of our Eyes’, still less than 2% of the population are even aware that this is going on! Wow!

AUSTIN, TX 2nd NOV.’15




Whew, the nasty UN arms treaty goes down

Good news as U S Senate passes bill to refuse U S entry into UN arms treaty. Part # 11 of UN treaty mandated confiscation of all privately owned firearms. List of who was in favor of disarming everyone is included. Care to take a guess? The entire Democratic Party has gone nuts! ALERT! ALERT! […]

Russia, Syria, Proxy Wars

When we hear about the current conflict in Syria/Iraq involving ISIS, US Coalition forces and Russia I don’t think we are hearing the truth of the situation, big surprise! The ‘Cold War’ is back and running at full speed seems like, just the theater of operations has changed. Proxy wars with new ‘enemies’ make this […]

Gold backed Yuan? Incredible prices required

The attached link portrays the prices required of Gold should the Chinese Yuan become ‘backed by Gold’. A $64,000 price seems pretty outrageous, but when you consider all the debt and derivatives out there, probably too low! Read article here.

IRS Secrets, Secret #1

‘ 7 Secrets IRS Doesn’t Want You to Know ‘… Secret # 1


Secret Number 1: “Getting or Having a Social Security Number is Strictly Voluntary”! It is fair to say most Americans believe that getting or having a Social Security Number is mandatory. Regardless, it simply isn’t the truth! The few who suspect […]

Bildebergers Set to Meet Again This June

Once again the elites are meeting again, this time in Austria. The Bildebergers are the most notorious and now infamous of the elitist organizations. What is on the agenda this year? We just wait to see. Perhaps the newest bomb shelters to wait out the coming apocalypse? Anything goes during this one. Read here.

ISIS and atomics? Is it possible?

In a recent article written by a ‘captive’ british journalist the mention of the possibility of smuggling an atomic weapon into the U.S. is bandied about. It seems the purpose of the propaganda is to increase the ‘fear factor’ among the citizens. Personally I think our borders are very pourous and it is alread obvious […]

More on Jade Helm


The saga continues on Jade Helm and what or whom to believe! On the one side there are those that feel that if the government wanted to take you or anything else they wouldn’t give any warning they would just do it. Others are more concerned with whether anyone in the government or military are […]

Continuing Balkanization of The U.S.

The saga continues, illegal immigration leading to more births to more ‘U.S. Citizen’ with loyalty to their own ethnic group. Added on top a bunch of buffoons that are loyal to big corporate interests and/or money and you get what we have today-a complete mess, to put it simply. Read more on illegal immigrant births […]