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Monday Nov 25th

Total Health Freedom with Darren Craddock

Survive2Thrive – November 25 2013

Darren Craddock Interviewed today by Patricia Baker…Power Prepping!

Join Patricia Baker of Supernatural Girlz and Darren Craddock as she interviews Darren about healthy prepping products. http://www.supernaturalgirlz.com/#!power-prepping/c14vl Call in number for questions is: 646-478-0828

Fukushima and Radiation Contamination

I don’t know about anyone else, I have kids and grand kids and this article makes me more than just a little bit sick! If we continue to allow these type of nuclear atrocities, both here and abroad, what legacy are we leaving behind? I am disgusted by all the lies and the paltry reporting [...]

Defense spending, Budget sequester and Me and YOU!

I am seeing articles on how defense spending will ‘suffer’ the most in the upcoming, and if the MSM has any effect ominous budget sequester on March 1. I personally am of the opinion that a decrease, sequestered, mandated or otherwise, is long past due.


The Military/Industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us of [...]

Gun Laws, here we go again

I don’t know all the details at this point on exactly what the President’s proposals are for more government control over guns and ammunition, but I can tell you that I am getting very tired of more and more big government control over my life…PERIOD!


We have definitely moved from a country of more [...]

2nd Amendment

I am the first to say that the recent shooting in CT was a national tragedy. It is hard to fathom how someone, anyone can do such a thing.


The political backlash is another new debate on the 2nd amendment and how the current administration can dilute it. In my opinion there is just [...]

Proposition 37, breaking news

This is just in…the opposition group to the passage of Proposition 37 in California may have crossed the line from lies to criminal behavior. They, Monsanto, Dupont et al, that sponsor the ‘No to Proposition 37′ coalition sent out a letter that utilizes the FDAs logo, a criminal offense according to the law. We will [...]

TSA, Corrupt

The TSA is arguably one of the most, if not the most, corrupt agencies in government today. I am not just saying this as several ex employees-that have spent time in jail for theft while on the job-have come forward to say that there is little supervision and theft is commonplace amongst the rank and [...]

A Police State

Where are we headed as a country? It appears that no matter which party is in power, the objective is to get more power and control.


Recently a Federal Court judge ruled that the clause in the National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA, that allowed the government to hold an American citizen indefinitely without charges [...]

Half Americans have uncontrolled High Blood pressure

If you are one of the 67 million Americans suffering from high blood pressure then you might want to pay attention to your lifestyle, diet, exercise, etc.


A recent report says that 1/2 of those with high blood pressure don’t do anything about it and then goes on to say you can help control [...]