Gun Sales are UP!

In a not so surprising statistic released by the FBI, background checks were the highest in June since 1999-when they started keeping track of such things. Is it any wonder? We have all kinds of situations that aren’t looking to improve anytime soon, although I certainly hope they do! Weird weather, ISIS threats, Mid East […]

IF Mt Ranier Erupts, what can we expect?

The article that you can read HERE, describes what would happen should Mt Ranier volcano erupt. It would be devastating for hundreds if not thousands of miles!



Alex Jones Video on Climate Change and Dire Predictions

So here is a video of Alex Jones talking about things getting very difficult in the coming months. Elites are already bailing out!


Weather is out of control, worldwide

I have had my fair share of weather just this year so far. Rain and then more rain. Many states are experiencing flooding from all this rain. Yesterday a big tropical storm hit Texas and has moved into midwest now causing all sorts of chaos. Then we have California and a severe drought with many […]

Nuclear Power Plants in the U.S.

After looking at this map, I decided the East Coast of the U.S. is out of the question as far as a location to live (die) in. If there were an accident or, God help us, a terrorist attack, any one of these would cause tons of casualties! Click here to view map.

Prepper update….12 things you can learn from the movie San Andreas

I saw the movie and aside from some pretty awful acting there were some really stand out ‘prepper’ examples of people behaving badly and doing entirely the wrong thing given the situation. If you want to know the 12 issues that the shftplan identified click here.

Eyewitness to beginning of bank run in Greece

As Greek authorities continue to ‘negotiate’ with the ECB powers, the citizens are getting a bit of a jump on what they fear will be the outcome-repudiation of their international debts and failure of the banks. If this story is close to true, and given the news in MSM I would have no reason to […]

10 Pictures of the Demise of American Freedom

Pictures are worth a thousand words as they say. click here

Chemical leak In NJ

Recently there was a chemial leak in NJ that injured 17 folks. HMMM??? Click here to read more.

EMP Threat to the Modern Lifestyle

Nowadays it certainly wouldn’t take a nuclear attack to bring a nation and it’s people to their knees. EMP attacks would certainly be a preferred method of attack, disable everything electronic sending most of the population back to the stone age. click here