Powder Keg!

As Turkey starts to try to communicate with Russia, asking for a meeting, it remains to be seen if the ‘incident’ of downing the Russian jet, doesn’t set off a string of unintended consequences.

I am in agreement with an article I read that points out that the real winner in any divisiveness amongst those […]

Happy Thanksgiving, Survival Product Sale 10-35% off

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is enjoying the day!

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Russia vs NATO

The situation in the Middle East seems to be getting out of hand. If it doesn’t end up an all out conflict between NATO and Russia I will be happily surprised. The saber rattling continues with Russia setting up ‘defensive’ forces (missiles) in the Baltic Sea between Ukraine and Turkey. I fully expect someone to […]

ISIS and Israel

I have a question: If ISIS is a radical islamic offshoot then they would be full of hate for Israelis yet why haven’t they attacked the Israeli pipeline that runs right through their ‘Caliphate’? See the map below of the pathway for this pipeline. Wouldn’t that make strategic sense, especially if your goal is to […]

ISIS, Troops & War

Post Paris the talking heads are at it in a big way, calling for 10,000 or more troops to be on the ground in Iraq/Syria. Everyone fully expects France to invoke NATO article 5 which could lead to formal declaration of war on ISIS by members. This would be a first since ISIS is a […]

Wikipedia-Controlled by the controllers! Evidence?

Check out this article about the Wikipedia coverage of the Paris attacks, something is definitely odd don’t you think?




French Lash Out

After yesterday’s attacks in Paris a group of frenchmen took matters into their own hands and set fire to a refugee camp housing people from Syria and Africa. See article here


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The ‘Controllers’ put a little too much in their witches brew —- this is some of the results!

After 20 years of this spraying, ‘Right in Front of our Eyes’, still less than 2% of the population are even aware that this is going on! Wow!

AUSTIN, TX 2nd NOV.’15




ISIS strikes again…maybe?

ISIS has recently tweeted several times that they were responsible for bringing down the Russian plane over Egypt. The UK has added their 2 cents saying it as an explosion that brought the plane down. Before giving credit to ISIS, i suppose we wait to hear what the PTBs have to say. I suspect that […]