Economic News-Bank CIO Sees Zero Growth

Recently the CIO (Chief Investment Officer) with Saxo Bank declared that with what he sees as zero growth globally any hike in the Fed Rates would be tantamount to a margin call on the Global Markets! Meaning Sell orders would flood in as everyone tries to cover their debts on their already overleveraged positions. Click […]

2 economic events that could bring disaster

The Quantitative easing by the ECB and the recent black swan event of the Swiss Central Bank abandoning their artificial ‘peg’ to Euro is bringing economic woes that rival those seen in 2008/09. Click here to read more.

Oil Production in the U.S., We are not energy independent yet!

What North Dakota produces in one day, 1,187,206 barrels of oil (Nov. 2014), the U.S. burns in 81 minutes, and the world in 20 minutes. Not so impressive as the MSM would have you believe. Click here to learn more.

Louisiana Will Eliminate Health Benefits For HIV Patients, Poor Children, And First Time Moms This Week

Last week, Louisiana’s poor and terminally ill residents won a surprising victory when Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) announced that his state would not stop providing hospice care to its Medicaid beneficiaries. Unfortunately, that’s about the only piece of good news for low-income Louisianans’ health coverage, as the state is still set to implement massive cuts […]

Must Watch Video on National Debt, 1 minute long

National Debt click to watch the video. It’s only one minute long and is very good!

At the precipice of disaster

I haven’t been posting too much over the past several months as things in our country continue to deteriorate at the usual pace, fast and un challenged!


The economy is fragile and the ‘medicine’ that Ben Bernanke is giving the ‘system’ will soon become the poison–it is inevitable. This is not just me spouting […]

South Africa boycotting illegal Israeli products

Activists for freedom are capitalizing on political gains by the BDS movement here in South Africa to ensure that the occupation in Palestine is ended.

The escalation in protests such as this one comes only two months after the government decided that any products emanating from illegally occupied territories in Palestine must be labeled as […]

Your right to resell your own stuff is in peril

CHICAGO (MarketWatch) — Tucked into the U.S. Supreme Court’s agenda this fall is a little-known case that could upend your ability to resell everything from your grandmother’s antique furniture to your iPhone 4.

At issue in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons is the first-sale doctrine in copyright law, which allows you to […]

Supreme Court to Review Potential Limitations of First-Sale Doctrine

The United States Supreme Court will soon determine whether the first-sale doctrine applies to imported goods.

September 15, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — The highest court in the land has decided to hear a case that will help clarify how the first-sale doctrine applies to international trade. This decision will then, in turn, impact future intellectual property […]

1/2 of Americans Depend on Government for Something!

No big surprise that over 1/2 of all Americans depend on Big Government for some type of subsidy. These subsidies include but are not limited to: Medicaid, food stamps, earned income tax credit, work pay tax credit and unemployment benefits. That would be about 165 million of 308 million Americans are dependents of the U.S. […]