Martial Law in an Ad?

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fri2In a truly bizarre turn, the Ad Council Caregiver ad had an audio file in the background talking about Martial Law, the response is truly incredulous!  Read the article as reported by InfoWars here.

Homeland Security and the 4th Amendment

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Hawk1What 4th amendment?  Huh?  So the head of Homeland Security doesn’t understand the 4th Amendment, jeez why am in NOT surprised! Read article here.

Hawk with special guest, V-The Guerrilla Economist, Thursday

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Hawk has 2 exciting radio guests, Steve Quayle on the 21st, Gregg Evenson on the 20th

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Catch Hawks show live at 5pm MST, 6pm CST, on the 20th as he has Gregg Evenson on with him live.


Steve Quayle is Hawk’s special guest on the 21st, same time same place!


These will be great shows folks so tune in!

Being Prepared for Disasters!

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In the past I have had people write to me and tell me that I am a ‘fear monger’, using fear to sell products. I would think that Hurricane Sandy would put those statements to rest! Just think where those people are that had some supplies stored up, propane camp stove and a gravity fed water filter. I am pretty sure that they are not dumpster diving for food and going without water.


We have relatives in the lower Manhattan area that live in some pretty posh digs and they might as well be in a tenement building, they would be better off for sure! They have had no power or water since Sunday night. No internet no cell phone, no nothing! The company he works for finally got him a very expensive hotel room so that he could work, he is a ‘virtual’ employee.


He was going to coffee shops etc uptown but they are all packed since everyone has that same idea. They have power uptown and it is warm and you can buy food. Downtown, you can just forget about all that. Of course, getting from downtown Manhattan to anywhere can be an issue as well. Limited subway lines open and cars require fuel and there appears to be little of that.


Then you can look at the footage of this huge disaster, Staten Island is a mess along with long island and New Jersey. Fist fights over food and fuel are becoming common. Between that and the high level of destruction there are places with Martial Law now. Wow!  The survival instincts of many are kicking in and if food, water and shelter aren’t delivered ASAP you could see things deteriorate further.


I just hope that those that think storing up some food and making just very basic preparations is a crazy idea will wake up in time. We are having some pretty wild natural disasters of late and they might, just maybe get caught in one and wish they had taken the advice to prepare yourself and family for the unforeseen event that could cause a lot of suffering, more than necessary.

The bottom line is that the supply chains for virtually everything we use, food, water, fuel, etc. are very fragile indeed.  Once broken it can take a while to fix and during that time what will you do?






Chemtrails are real…says Swedish Politician

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It may come as no big surprise to most that chemtrails are real and made up of all kinds of nasty ingredients. This was confirmed by a Swedish politician, Pernilla Hagberg, who went on to say it is a joint operation by U.S. CIA and NSA and the Swedish government.


What exactly they are spraying is really very concerning. The toxic mixture is composed of aluminum, barium, viral fragments, viruses and a mixture of aerosols. While many were saying those of us that had real concerns about these nasty chemtrails were merely paranoid, it seems that that paranoia is justified…in the extreme.


I am not really paranoid about these chemtrails. I am plenty mad that our government does these things to our environment and to us. It seems that both big government and large corporations don’t really have our best interests at heart.


I urge you to speak out and do so soon, while there is still something left to protect!

Big Food Companies Sued over Labeling

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Labeling laws, what a convoluted mess this has become. I for one am for truth in labeling and support the lawsuits that have been brought forward to make these companies begin to follow the same guidelines that the smaller companies are being forced to follow.


This is a good thing, to bring some justice to an arcane system of labeling and enforcement where the big companies can get off without penalty yet smaller companies are sometimes shut down for the same infractions.


Unfortunately, even thought many small companies have products that for 100’s if not 1000’s of years have been used for certain conditions with great results, they usually don’t have the money to do the studies that the FDA requires to extol these claims to the public. The wording is extremely picky if in fact one wants to try to ‘get around’ the rules, a risky proposition at best!


More honesty in the labeling would be a welcome relief. I would extend that invitation to become more honest to the Big Food Boys that are pushing GMO’s. They should have to label the GMO ingredients for what they are Genetically Modified Organisms. I leave it to you to do your research into why these organisms can be so dangerous…I have expounded upon these dangers repeatedly.


For a very good and in depth look at GMO’s please take a look at Jeffery Smith’s work in this area. He has several books and now a movie out about GMO’s.





Cell Phones, Police can use yours to track you down-WITHOUT A WARRANT!

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I am not a huge fan of the new ruling that says that if you own a cell phone you can’t reasonably expect privacy. The Authorities can use yours to track you down, listen in etc. This was a ruling by a U.S. Appeals court just recently.


So if you carry a cell phone just expect Big Brother to be listening in to your conversation and track you down, just because they want to!


Police allowed to track cell phones in US without court warrants



Published: 18 August, 2012, 00:06



The US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Americans have no reasonable expectation of privacy when carrying cell phones, allowing police to track GPS signals without a warrant or probable cause.


The decision came the court ruled in United States v. Skinner that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) abided by the Constitution by using a drug runner’s cellphone data to track his location and determine his identity.


Melvin Skinner, also known by his false name as “Big Foot,” was a drug mule with more than 1,100 pounds of marijuana in his Texas motorhome.


The throwaway mobile phone he was using was registered under a false name, so agents did not know the identity of the drug trafficker.


By using GPS data from his disposable phone, police learned that “Big Foot” was planning to deliver a large shipment of marijuana from Arizona to Tennessee in his mobile home.


In 2006, agents obtained a court order – but not a warrant – to track the disposable phone’s location using its GPS.


After tracing the phone’s exact location, police dogs discovered the mobile home and indicated a presence of drugs. “Big Foot” was arrested and charged for drug trafficking and conspiracy to commit money laundering.


But on appeal, the defendant argued that his cell phone data could not be used because the DEA failed to obtain a warrant for it, thereby violating the Fourth Amendment.


The Fourth Amendment protects against “unreasonable searches and seizures” without the issuance of a warrant obtained due to probable cause.


The Court considers cell phone use to be a public – not private – action, thereby being ineligible for the protections of the Fourth Amendment. A court brief of the case states that “a suspect’s presence in a publicly observable place is not information subject to Fourth Amendment protection.”


Additionally, Judge John M. Rogers, writing for the majority, said Skinner “did not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in the data given off by his voluntarily procured pay-as-you-go cell phone. If a tool used to transport contraband gives off a signal that can be tracked for location, certainly the police can track the signal.”


While any US cell phone can now be tracked by police without probable cause or a warrant, the Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that police must obtain a warrant before secretly attacking a GPS tracking device to a suspect’s car.


That ruling is currently being contested, leaving the possibility for police to secretly track vehicles without permission. Without the requirement of a warrant to access cell phone data, US authorities are gaining increasing power over what some would consider “private” rights of individuals – but what the Courts call “public.”


The authorities don’t even need a warrant. Just tune and and if you say something they don’t like, well expect a visit.

Asylum For Wikileaks Julian Assange

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Of all places to grant Julian Assange of Wikileaks asylum, Ecuador! President Correa of Ecuador, not to be bullied by England, granted him asylum early today. Not a very comfortable place for Assange as it appears he is sleeping on an air mattress in a converted office in a very small embassy.


That England would threaten Ecuador with revoking their embassy status is ludicrous to the extreme in any circumstance. It is a violation of the Geneva Convention and accepted International Law. If this does happen we are all in for a very rough time. I suspect that many English and perhaps American embassies across the world would be faced with a severe backlash and see many embassies’ status revoked and closed. At least I hope this is what would happen.


It just doesn’t make sense that such measures would even be talked about in this case. He hasn’t been charged with a crime! This is all about the U.S. and others wanting to exact some revenge on Mr Assange and nothing else. He would most certainly be whisked away to the U.S. and face trial on some trumped up charges of espionage.


I for one think that the U.S. is pissed because what we have paid for in services, delivered by various departments of state and military, is not up to the price we paid. In short, we are getting ripped off, lied to and controlled by the very government we pay for! Enough is enough.


I say let Mr. Assange leave the embassy and go to live in Ecuador! Let him continue to publish these ‘top secret’ cables and let us and the world know what is really taking place in the upper echelons of government! It is time for the covers to be drawn back, no more secrets.

Israel Prepares to Attack Iran

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For the 3rd time in 3 months Israel has once again made threats to bomb the nuclear facilities in Iran. From what you read in Mainstream Media, you would think that they are serious this time!


I kinda doubt it. We have an election coming up and Obama and the Israelis are buddies. They want to see him reelected to insure continued funding. At the same time the ‘war of words’ isn’t working. Iran doesn’t seem to care about all the rhetoric and just continue on their way.


I am still not convinced that their ‘nuclear’ facilities and capabilities are a threat. Maybe, maybe not! I just can’t help but remember the WMD excuse to get us into a fight in Iraq. Is this yet another set up?


I am convinced that nukes in the hands of anyone are a threat to the continued existence of the human beings of the world. Once some nuke war starts how is that contained? Given the history of human beings in wartime, I just don’t think anyone will show any form of restraint. Billions will die in the much talked about Armageddon!


Having said all this. We can only pray that a solution is found that does not require force, especially initiated by a western power or one backed by them (Israel). Talk about destabilizing the entire region and the world!


I urge everyone to start vigilant and assess the news as it comes out with a very discriminating eye. Not everything is as it seems.

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