Already Started…again…gun control

After yesterdays terrorists attacks the voices of gun control have already started! The sad part is that these folks fail to see reality in my view. Anyone can purchase a gun, unregistered – no background checks if you go the the right (wrong) places. Criminals and now Terrorists I am sure know this. For the […]

Russia vs NATO

The situation in the Middle East seems to be getting out of hand. If it doesn’t end up an all out conflict between NATO and Russia I will be happily surprised. The saber rattling continues with Russia setting up ‘defensive’ forces (missiles) in the Baltic Sea between Ukraine and Turkey. I fully expect someone to […]

Turkey Shoots down Russina Jet

This news is something that I have been dreading since Russia joined the fray in Syria. When this many super powers get to shooting and bombing in a rather small space and there are lots of hidden political agendas at play, things can get out of hand very easily. Now witness the downing of a […]

ISIS and Israel

I have a question: If ISIS is a radical islamic offshoot then they would be full of hate for Israelis yet why haven’t they attacked the Israeli pipeline that runs right through their ‘Caliphate’? See the map below of the pathway for this pipeline. Wouldn’t that make strategic sense, especially if your goal is to […]

Flag buring in NY

Read the article here. You decide!

UFO Video Clip, NASA cuts the feed

NASA seems to cut the feed after 3 apparent UFOs are seen leaving the Earth’s orbit.



Will ISIS change the balance of OIL POWER?

The countries of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other gulf states which have traditionally controlled oil output and pricing appear to be losing some of that power to ISIS advances in Iraq. Due to the sectarian conflict between Shiite and Sunni sects and how they are allocated within these countries, their ability to control what could […]

Trending Violence in America?

I certainly hope that this assessement is incorrect. 96% of American believe that there will be an increase in violence here in the U.S. The author notes among other causes the increasing numbers of gang members and the occurance of police officer deaths rising quite dramatically in 2014. Read this article here.


ISIS still on the move in Syria

Despite the coalition bombs ISIS continues to expand in Syria. If this keeps up I fully expect the U.S. and coalition to grant the ISIS wish for the war of armegeddon. Read story here

Martial Law in an Ad?

In a truly bizarre turn, the Ad Council Caregiver ad had an audio file in the background talking about Martial Law, the response is truly incredulous! Read the article as reported by InfoWars here.