ISIS and the End of Times???

Well it must be official now that CNN has written an article about the ‘world view’ of ISIS. In the article it would appear that ISIS is trying to ‘hasten’ the end of times according to the purported sayings of the Prophet Mohammed. It appears this is why they are turning everyone against them. It […]

The 26th Congress will vote on Internet Neutrality…ALERT ALERT

On the 26th the most important vote in a lifetime will take place in Congress! The big boys, Comcast and the like want to limit our internet and have spent tens of millions of dollars on lobbyists to make that happen! Our Prez has been playing golf with these ‘corporate donors’. Who do you think […]

Oil Production in the U.S., We are not energy independent yet!

What North Dakota produces in one day, 1,187,206 barrels of oil (Nov. 2014), the U.S. burns in 81 minutes, and the world in 20 minutes. Not so impressive as the MSM would have you believe. Click here to learn more.

The anti-fracking activist barred from 312.5 sq miles of Pennsylvania

Vera Scroggins, an outspoken opponent of fracking, is legally barred from the new county hospital. Also off-limits, unless Scroggins wants to risk fines and arrest, are the Chinese restaurant where she takes her grandchildren, the supermarkets and drug stores where she shops, the animal shelter where she adopted her Yorkshire terrier, bowling alley, recycling centre, […]

Colorado pot shops will run out of marijuana within days

Marijuana dispensaries in Colorado are finding it impossible to keep up with the demands of recreational users.

The first five days of days of legalized sales of marijuana have been big business for dispensary owners — so much so that some shops even closed early last Wednesday, the first day on which such sales were […]

Canada is so cold residents are experiencing loud booms caused by ‘frost quakes’

While America collectively freaks out over their impending ‘polar vortex’, Canada is changing the game when it comes to cold weather phenomenon as reports of ‘frost quakes’ emerge from around Toronto and across Ontario.

Indeed, as temperatures drop overnight to around -4f around the city hundreds of people are being startled by hearing large booms […]

Feinstein would ban all guns …if she could

Sen. Feinstein introduced a bill that would ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines on Jan 24, 2013. On PBS Newshour she says she’s not trying to ban all guns “that dog don’t hunt” (really?). However, prior recorded statement shows that if she could get the votes, she’d confiscate them all.


Yellowstone jolted with small earthquake

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. — A small earthquake jolted Yellowstone National Park near Old Faithful geyser on Sunday.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the 3.6 magnitude temblor occurred just before 10 a.m. with the epicenter located about 6 miles north of Old Faithful, one of the park’s main attractions.

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Court May Force Mentally Disabled Nevada Woman to Have Abortion

With obvious public outcries against forced abortions in China and forced sterilizations of mentally handicapped individuals in Nazi Germany, one might assume the United States knows better.

However, today, in Nevada, the life of an 11-week-old unborn baby and the future of his or her 32-year-old mother hang in the balance as a judge considers […]

TSA Removes X-Ray Body Scanners From Major Airports

The Transportation Security Administration has been quietly removing its X-ray body scanners from major airports over the last few weeks and replacing them with machines that radiation experts believe are safer.

The TSA says it made the decision not because of safety concerns but to speed up checkpoints at busier airports. It means, though, that […]