Flag buring in NY

Read the article here. You decide!

UFO Video Clip, NASA cuts the feed

NASA seems to cut the feed after 3 apparent UFOs are seen leaving the Earth’s orbit.



Will ISIS change the balance of OIL POWER?

The countries of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other gulf states which have traditionally controlled oil output and pricing appear to be losing some of that power to ISIS advances in Iraq. Due to the sectarian conflict between Shiite and Sunni sects and how they are allocated within these countries, their ability to control what could […]

Trending Violence in America?

I certainly hope that this assessement is incorrect. 96% of American believe that there will be an increase in violence here in the U.S. The author notes among other causes the increasing numbers of gang members and the occurance of police officer deaths rising quite dramatically in 2014. Read this article here.


ISIS still on the move in Syria

Despite the coalition bombs ISIS continues to expand in Syria. If this keeps up I fully expect the U.S. and coalition to grant the ISIS wish for the war of armegeddon. Read story here

Martial Law in an Ad?

In a truly bizarre turn, the Ad Council Caregiver ad had an audio file in the background talking about Martial Law, the response is truly incredulous! Read the article as reported by InfoWars here.

Homeland Security and the 4th Amendment

What 4th amendment? Huh? So the head of Homeland Security doesn’t understand the 4th Amendment, jeez why am in NOT surprised! Read article here.

ISIS and the End of Times???

Well it must be official now that CNN has written an article about the ‘world view’ of ISIS. In the article it would appear that ISIS is trying to ‘hasten’ the end of times according to the purported sayings of the Prophet Mohammed. It appears this is why they are turning everyone against them. It […]

The 26th Congress will vote on Internet Neutrality…ALERT ALERT

On the 26th the most important vote in a lifetime will take place in Congress! The big boys, Comcast and the like want to limit our internet and have spent tens of millions of dollars on lobbyists to make that happen! Our Prez has been playing golf with these ‘corporate donors’. Who do you think […]

Oil Production in the U.S., We are not energy independent yet!

What North Dakota produces in one day, 1,187,206 barrels of oil (Nov. 2014), the U.S. burns in 81 minutes, and the world in 20 minutes. Not so impressive as the MSM would have you believe. Click here to learn more.