Monarch butterfly decline linked to spread of GM crops

The main cause of the monarch butterfly’s decline is the loss of milkweed — its food — in its U.S. breeding grounds, a new study has found. That all but confirms that the spread of genetically modified crops is indirectly killing the monarch.

This past winter, the number of monarch butterflies wintering in Mexico fell [...]

Third of all honeybee colonies in England did not survive winter

More than a third of all honeybee colonies in England died over the winter, according to figures from the British Beekeepers Association, the worst losses since its winter survival survey began.

On average, 33.8 colonies in every 100 perished over the long winter of 2012-13 compared with 16.2% the previous winter. In the south-west of [...]

This College Student’s ‘Turtle Project’ Proves Humans Are Jerks

Nathan Weaver, a student at Clemson University, was trying to figure out how to make it safer for turtles to cross highways. What he ended up finding was that turtles will never be safe because the human heart is dark, and there will always be drivers who intentionally run over or try and aim their [...]

Lead in Lipstick??

Stacy Malkan, of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics disagrees. “We know that ingestion of lipstick happens,” she told Reuters. She also points out that lead accumulates in the body over time. [...]

Can the ancient discipline of yoga really be so dangerous?

I felt I had to comment on this article by Lisa Collier, itself a commentary on an article that appeared in the New York Times very recently. As always there are a plethora of opinions on whether yoga is really good for you. My experience, and mine is personal, is that yoga, when practiced wisely [...]

Does recycling paper really make a difference? The facts.

In this article by Pablo Paster learn the facts as to whether your paper recycling efforts are valid.

Pablo: I have a tough one for you: shall we recycle our paper? There are both the CO2 and the chemical aspects to consider, and there’s arguments against recycling paper in each case. Getting rid of the [...]

The latest ploy to get you vaccinated. And you thought you were safe in church!!!!???

Though you might not want to believe it, this is true information. When you go to church next your pastor might just be encouraging you and your family to get vaccinated with all of the risks that can entail. Learn more and become informed! The following article appeared on mercola.com

Recently the White House Office [...]

Reworking land to benefit the community. Denver school turns abandoned field into thousands of pounds of produce

I had written before about how we might choose to use public lands to grow our foods, such as portions of parks, your church’s immense lawns etc. Here is my previous article on taking back the land;

In this great article from Denver Colorado’s Doug Schepman a 7News reporter you will see a perfect example [...]

The real scoop on probiotics

In this great article by Dr Willliams learn more about why probiotics are so important, but why just taking a supplement is not all it takes. J. E. Williams, OMD, FAAIM

For the natural health conscious, probiotics factor high on their list of supplements. And, most of these people know that probiotics, or friendly bacteria [...]

GMO Crops Continually Banned Around the World in Display of Health Freedom

In this article from Activist Post, Anthony Gucciardi informs us of some great successes in the GMO battle, with countries and counties standing up against the GMO juggernaut. A case in point here in the USA, Colorado’s Boulder County was the latest health freedom hotspot to stand up against Monsanto and genetically modified produce, with [...]