Trending Violence in America?

I certainly hope that this assessement is incorrect. 96% of American believe that there will be an increase in violence here in the U.S. The author notes among other causes the increasing numbers of gang members and the occurance of police officer deaths rising quite dramatically in 2014. Read this article here.


Budget Deficit Spending Thoughts

If this projection is even remotely close, we are in for not just Big Government, but HUGE! Deficits, food shortages and all sorts of other almost unbelievable stuff. Read the article here.

10 Pictures of the Demise of American Freedom

Pictures are worth a thousand words as they say. click here

Herbal Survival Pack ON SALE!

We have added a few herbal extracts, our new Orange Blossom Bitters Tonic, and the Herbal Survival Pack and Herbal First Aid Kits on sale this weekend. The Organic long term food supply continues to be on sale as well. Check it out here

Your Conversations can be read

Not a big surprise in this article that Big Brother/NSA etc has the technology to turn your speech into transcripts. They can even keyin on words they consider dangerous or potentially leading to threats and hone in on those conversations and people. Feeling any safer?

Administration trying to ban ammo for AR 15

What can one say to this one? More of the same….unfortunately! Read it here.

2nd Amendment

I am the first to say that the recent shooting in CT was a national tragedy. It is hard to fathom how someone, anyone can do such a thing.


The political backlash is another new debate on the 2nd amendment and how the current administration can dilute it. In my opinion there is just […]

Great Prepper Blog

Not taking care of pet needs: Many new survivalist fail to consider the needs of their pets. If you have pets you must plan for their needs by laying back the necessary supplies to keep them fed and healthy […]

What did we do before Refrigerators?

It is amazing to me the knowledge that we have forgotten as our technological advances have spoiled us into a lifestyle of complacency that expects the refrigerator to always be cold, water to always come from the tap, the stove to always turn on and of course electricity to always be there.


Have you […]

A New Zealand answer to the World’s major challenges

In this article by Bob Corker we see how brave and visionary efforts are leading to practical solutions to the problems we face in our society; food production, climate improvement, meaningful work, education and much more.

To confidently face the many challenges that the future holds for us, we need new models for living lightly […]