Scientists warn of possible new pandemic threat!

Mutating bird flu strain could pose a new pandemic threat, another one. We have so many now….read here

Don’t trust Banks? Then where to stash the cash?

Great article on where you might put your money to avoid confiscation etc. Read here

Finally ‘Mainstream’ evidence linking fluoridation to ADHD

What we have been saying for many years has now received ‘official’ scientific attention and the results are in: Areas with higher flouridation also see higher incidence of ADHD cases! What took them so long? read the article here

What is the military doing in Arkansas?

Read the article here

Student loans, next mega bailout?

Trillions of dollars in student loans and the default rate is skyrocketing. Will this be the next round of bailouts for the lenders? Read here

Is the middle class disappearing?

In King County Washington the drop in middle income housing is somewhat disheartening. 95% of all the homes built were either for the rich or the poor. Read more here.

U.S. Troops headed to Eastern Europe

Things are heating up in Eastern Europe, ibid the Ukraine, as we send U.S. troops for a ‘military exercise’! The powers that be are aching for a confrontation looks like. Read here

Civil Disobedience, Christians call for sit in at Boehner

WE need more civil disobedience don’t you think? Read about the current scheduled event here.

The Internet of Things and increasing security-Monitoring?

The dark side of the internet. Read it here

Balkanization of the U.S. Coming?

The new amnesty program proposed by the President and Democrats in Congress might just be trying to balkanize the U.S. Read more here