Survive2Thrive – January 15, 2016

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Survive2Thrive – December 01, 2015

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The ‘Controllers’ put a little too much in their witches brew —- this is some of the results!

After 20 years of this spraying, ‘Right in Front of our Eyes’, still less than 2% of the population are even aware that this is going on! Wow!

AUSTIN, TX 2nd NOV.’15




Labor Force continues decline

The number of Americans engaged in the labor force is hitting some serious lows. While unemployment rate may be falling the number of folks actively looking for work is also falling. What is this telling you? More people, almost 100 million, have given up….for whatever reason. The FED will most likely continue its failing policy […]

Richard Russell thinks this is the beginning of the end…

While I might disagree with Richard on the exact levels and timing of the ‘downturn’ I really can’t disagree with his end game scenario. If you haven’t been paying attention to the world finance game, it might be time to start! The powers that be are running hard and are trying to throttle Greece. I […]

ISIS trains children to fight

This is pretty disturbing stuff to me. Children being trained for battle. Click here to watch

Alex Jones Video on Climate Change and Dire Predictions

So here is a video of Alex Jones talking about things getting very difficult in the coming months. Elites are already bailing out!


Breaking News, Dems defeat Obama’s trade bill

Democrats handed Obama a defeat on his fast track trade bill for the Trans Pacific Partnership today, hurray for the Dems. Republicans supported it, too bad. This deal is being done behind closed doors and I just can’t get with that program. I think that there are some particularly nasty stuff in this agreement and […]

MERS outbreak in S Korea worsens

After tracking this for the past few weeks I wonder why they aren’t using the ‘cure’ that was found from a century old formula from England that was posted here some time ago! We even put out a newsletter about the cure. In this age of instant communication it just seems odd, don’t you think? […]

Egg rationing in Texas due to Avian Flu

Well I am in a little behind in posting this one. Avian Flu is the cause of egg rationing by the biggest grocer in Texas, H.E.B. This is more than a bit concerning. Read the article here