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Video Games and Alzheimer’s

I am wondering if anyone out there is surprised that recent research is saying that certain video games such as ‘Call to Action’ can contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s. I have never personally played these games nor have my kids, but just from seeing ads about them I found them disturbing to say the […]

Herbal Survival Pack ON SALE!

We have added a few herbal extracts, our new Orange Blossom Bitters Tonic, and the Herbal Survival Pack and Herbal First Aid Kits on sale this weekend. The Organic long term food supply continues to be on sale as well. Check it out here

More on Jade Helm style activity

We are now getting some pretty good video footage of the training the troops are receiving these days. Are we the enemy? See the article and video here.

Big Business of Cancer

This article on the ‘business’ of cancer is pretty good. The entire industry is geared towards Big Pharma profits with some emphasis on ‘cure’. Of course, a cure would mean a lot less of the profits. I am not saying that western medicine hasn’t made progress in the treatment of cancer, but I do believe […]

Searching for Immortality in all the Wrong Places

Science and immortality and the billions funding the search. In my opinion immortality, eternal life, is not a biological phenomena but rather spiritual. Only working on oneself internally is one able to arrive at the destination. Just my opinion! Click here to read the article on billionaire funding research.

More Unrest in Ferguson…

Baltimore to Ferguson and more! Unrest abounds in America. Click here to read more

ISIS threat in the U.S.?

FBI claims to be looking into a potential terrorist threat within the U.S. possibly sponsored by ISIS. I have no doubt that these radicals have the will but I am not entirely sure the way has been established. I certainly hope not! Read the article here.


Here we go again, Baltimore

What can one say about this? You can watch this on mainstream media for all the latest. My personal favorite is the youtube video of the mom slapping her son around because he was involved in the riots. Take a look at some posts here

Ways to Avoid Surveillance

This designer is onto something! He has studied and implemented some pretty interesting ways for people to dress/style their hair and facial makeup to confuse facial recognition/mass surveillance technologies. This is an area that we the people might want to become more familiar! Read the article for some nice tips here.