Biggest heist since Bernanke’s QE begins in Europe!

What can one say? Quantitative easing and spelling out exactly what the central bank is going to do is an invitation for speculators and financiers to back up their trucks to the bank! Read here for more.

Best protection against terrorism is to arm the citizens!

The head of interpol said that perhaps the best way to fight/protect against terrorism is to arm the citizens. I believe he is onto something here, how about you? Read the article here.

Superbugs in Seattle.

Of course we will only hear about these things after the fact. I hope that I am never in a hospital. If so listen to our Thursday show! Click here to read about the superbug in Seattle.

Worst science ever, vaccines to alter your brain and behavior!

If this stuff ever gets out who will be left with any reason? These are the type of projects that highlight a GOVERNMENT GONE WILD! Read the article here.

More bad news for the oil patch

Reality is setting in as major and minor oil companies slash exploration budgets and give pink slips to thousands of employees. This is certainly not good news for US economic growth. We will see, read more here and here

Major economist says outlook bleak for world finances.

Herbert Stein, past chairman of the council of economic advisors stated in Stein’s law that if something cannot go on forever, it will stop. It appears that we are nearing the phase where certain somethings are stopping, the fiat system might be nearing it’s end now. Read more here.

More on the financial battlefield.

Recent agreement between China and Switzerland for a Yuan trading center in Switzerland. The plot thickens as the titans wage financial war. Read more here.

Non US people allowed to vote now?

In the continued dilution of, well just about everything, now non US citizens might be allowed to vote in certain areas. To read more click here.

Time to buy Gold? Russia and China think so….

Global currency crisis and financial warfare are leading many to purchase gold. Read here to learn more.

Iran and Russia back to being best friends!

So now with Russia being black balled by most every Western country, they reestablish relationships elsewhere. We are quickly back to cold war status now, East vs West with the Mid East, Crimea and Ukraine the surrogate battle grounds. Let’s not forget the financial battle field either!! Click here to read the article.