Earth Changes Again

I don’t know if it is just me or what. Has anyone else noticed increasing earth movement activities, some of which are very dramatic? Chilean Volcano and the 7.9 earthquake this morning in Nepal? I wonder if their governments are ready to take care of the ‘aftermath’ that will most surely come in terms of […]

Huge sale on the Survive 2 Thrive 40 Days and Nights Preparedness Pail

We have really reduced the price on the pail exclusively for those that click on the banner here on the website. It will also be mentioned on the website tonight by Hawk. Down to $229.95 per pail full of organic foods for over 40 days and nights! Gets better when you order 5 or more!!! […]

Food Supply Issues on the Increase

If you read the news there is a bounty of bad news when it comes to our food supply here in the U.S., from Bird Flu to droughts to citrus disease. How bad is it really? Click here to read more

Economic News-11 more signs we are in trouble


The opinion of this author is that the signs are building up that point to an economic collapse. There have been a lot of signs lately, it is surprising that we have not seen a more catastrophic situation develop. When it comes, will you be ready? Click here for more


fda regulations

I think this is yet another shot across the bow of our personal freedoms and choice. FDA wants to and i suspect will, continue to ramp up regulation of homeopathic medicines of all kinds. The ruse is that the consumer is ‘harmed’ because they don’t do anything-at least as far as they are concerned. You […]

Saudi – Iranian Tensions grow- U.S. all in with Saudis

The politics are increasingly complicated especially since the information we get is always skewed. Remember that the entire Mid East is a conglomeration of competing tribes that surpass national borders and religious boundries. Shiite vs Sunni and within each competing factions vie for a better position! Click here for article on the build up of […]

The Big Set Up Continues

As disturbing as it is not too many folks seem to be upset about the new ‘detention’ policies enabled by previous administrations and greatly expanded by Obama. How far are the People of this country willing to let Big Government go before they wake up detained in one of these ‘medical detention’ camps! Read here


Robert Kennedy speaks out against vaccines

We need more high and low profile folks to get behind the freedom of choice when it comes to vaccines. I for one don’t want anyone telling me that I have to do something invasive to our bodies to be ‘compliant’! Fascism is still on the rise.

click here for the article

Chemtrails, admissions of guilt lend legitimacy?

This facebook page tells us what many of us already know. Chemtrails are real and used frequently. ‘They’ even have this page to state what they are up to.

Practice makes Perfect

Mysterious power outages in Phillipines. Is someone practicing how to shut off the lights? click here