Gulfstream Affected? Snow in Rome!

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After having heard about several scientists that were gulfstream experts I then either lost track or they were not published or interviewed again after the BP well in the Gulf was capped. One of the experts in the gulf stream was an Italian scientist ironically.


After seeing the headlines, snow in Rome for 1st time since 1985, I began to wonder if the oil spill from the Macondo well has had an effect on the Gulf stream. Europe depends on the warm water from the stream to help keep things warm over there.


I will continue to look for the scientists willing and able to put out decent info in this regard and I will keep you informed.


Just sayin…keep thinking and looking for the information. You can be sure that BP and other Governmental agencies will try to suppress any information that supports the theory that the oil spilled has affected the Gulf Stream.

OIL still gushing in the gulf???

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I have embedded an article written by Bruce Wiseman and he is convinced that oil is still gushing in the gulf and a massive cover up has been going on for months now. In support of his conclusions we have a very untrustworthy government and an equally criminal corporation, BP. We also saw news just several weeks ago about the huge oil slick in the gulf and that more barriers were needed along the coast line and then the Coast Guard, being the experts in oil spills now, ‘investigated’ and said it wasn’t from the Deepwater Horizon site…and that was all no further explanation.




It is one of the biggest cover-ups in US history.


The oil is still gushing in the Gulf.


All available data indicates that the original wellhead was never capped: the latitude and longitude of the camera through which we were all watching the oil spew from the wellhead actually changed to a wellhead 7 miles away, and that is the one they capped.  No mention has ever been made of the original wellhead since then.  That’s right, they plugged another well and showed a picture of that one.


So that is lie number one.


In addition, it is a known certainty that the seabed was fractured so badly for miles around the original well that oil has continued to spew uncontrollably from the sea floor, with no way to plug it.


This has been withheld from the public. Number two.


If oil is pouring from a well and cracks in the ocean floor, why the Hell can’t we see it?


The answer to this is two-fold.


First and foremost, someone is continuing to spray the Gulf with the chemical “dispersant” called Corexit. Corexit breaks up the oil so that it quickly sinks below the surface and is hidden from view. Once there, it spreads the mutant concoction throughout the water creating a toxic environment from which the marine life cannot escape.  It eventually sinks it to the bottom of the ocean where it continues to do long-term damage to the entire marine eco system – but that’s not all.


The EPA has stated that Corexit ceased being used on July 19th, 2010. But unmarked, military-type aircraft (C-130s and C123s) have been flying sorties over the Gulf in the dead of night, spraying the poison over the now-toxic ocean to conceal the fact that voluminous amounts of oil are still spewing into the water. The amount of oil reaching the surface has become so evident that they are now risking being photographed spraying during daylight.  Lie number 3.



Photo of Corexit being sprayed next to the beach

at Long Beach, Mississippi on March 15th, 2011



The dispersant may hide the oil but it is doing massive damage to the eco-system – massive. Moreover, Corexit has one other little problem – it is carcinogenic.


In fact, this chemical is so toxic, that people handling it are instructed by the manufacturer’s product handling information to wear Haz Mat suits and full-blown respirators.  Unfortunately for thousands of cleanup workers, BP wouldn’t allow them to wear the suits because they didn’t want it to look like there was any danger attached to the cleanup – it might increase their liability.


Not only is the seafood from the Gulf now laced with this stuff (despite the government’s statement to the contrary – #4), the relentless spraying has initiated a massive human health crisis.


According to one study, a staggering 50% of the people in the Gulf are experiencing the toxic effects of the Corexit-laden atmosphere. Moreover, there is a report from one of the gulf oil cleanup workers that, “Thousands of Gulf Oil Spill clean-up crew are dying.”


These workers are experiencing symptoms such as severe neurological damage, kidney and liver failure, paralysis, internal bleeding, “flu” symptoms that won’t go away, and death.


You can see the story of one woman who has documented her own case and that of many others. (It’s not pretty. Don’t watch if you have a weak stomach.)




This isn’t just another health problem: this is an apocalyptic and immediate  health crisis.


So, while we are now engaged in a third “war” against a dictator in Libya for human rights abuses against his own people, BP, the EPA and other government entities are engaged in a cover up of an ecological disaster by secretly spraying a virulent poison into the Gulf that is destroying the eco-system, the fishing industry and the lives of people that live and work there.


A deadly hypocrisy.


A hypocrisy that is hidden in plain sight.


I said there were two reasons that you couldn’t see the oil. The other “reason” is…you can see it. The oil is now coming up in such massive amounts that it is overwhelming the ability of the Corexit to hide it. And, as mentioned above, the C-130s are now taking the extraordinary step of spraying in daylight.


These pictures were taken over the Gulf on March 19, 2011 by a professional aerial photographer from a private plane.














Just a little odd when BP and the EPA say the well was capped on July 19th, 2010 and that there was no more evidence of oil.  Per journalist Harlan Kirgan, who attended a press conference held by Mike Utsler, chief operating officer of BP’s Gulf Coast Restoration,

“Utsler said, ‘We are actually very encouraged. And, I say we collectively as federal, state, local and trustees and landowners at the progress that has been made in the state of readiness for the upcoming tourism season.’

“Utsler said the overwhelming body of peer-reviewed science that has been published has shown there is no longer an oil plume.”

Lie #5.

Unfortunately for Big Mike’s credibility, 5 days later, the Grand Isle and Fourchon beaches in Louisiana underwent a military-type takeover to shut them down completely and prevent anyone from getting anywhere near them, especially independent scientists who wanted to take samples of the massive oil plume rolling in.


If you want to see more current pictures of the oil in the Gulf, including pictures of fishing boats fishing in the middle of masses of oil, go here:!



So why am I telling you this shocking and tragic story?


Because something needs to be done about it and there is a solution.


I have done something here, which I don’t normally do. And that is, I am forwarding information from my wife’s work.


Those of you that are also on her email list know some of what I have told you above. And some of you know Barb. But for those that don’t, she is the International President of The Earth Organization , an independent, international conservation and environmental organization.


So, here’s the deal: Barb and the US staff of The Earth Organization have been working on this situation flat out for several months –night and day, 24/7; New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Florida. They came across a solution – a product that dramatically speeds up Mother Nature’s natural processes of cleaning up the oil in a non-toxic way. Whereas, nature would take over a century to clean up the massive amounts of oil in this spill, this method would do it in a matter of a few weeks – and with absolutely no adverse side effects.


The product has been used to clean up more than 16,000 oil spills planet-wide over the last two decades. I repeat, 16,000.


What is the reaction of British Petroleum and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency when informed about the toxic nature of Corexit (which they already knew) and the eye-popping results of the natural product, which they also were aware of? … …A product which has been used over 100 times by the US Navy to clean up oil spills just in San Diego Bay?…

They won’t let the product anywhere near the Gulf.




“Impossible,” you say. “How could a government agency whose purpose is to clean up the environment and protect the public’s health, permit an oil company to poison the eco-system and thousands of Americans?”


You could just as easily ask how the FDA, an agency charged with protecting the public’s health, can approve drugs that cause heart attacks, suicidality and death, while stopping or curtailing non-toxic health solutions that are nutritionally beneficial.


There are plenty of other examples. I’m sure you know of some. But my purpose here is not to investigate all of the evil on the planet; my purpose here is to let you know that a national tragedy is occurring right under our noses and there is a solution available.


Barb and her team have investigated this catastrophe and its solution relentlessly. She is working with world class scientists, professional investigators, state and federal legislators, activists and manufacturers of a product that can clean up the oil spill in a beneficial and non-toxic way.


Neither she nor The Earth Organization have any financial interest in the product; their sole intention is to halt the environmental catastrophe still occurring in the Gulf, return the waters to even better than their pre-blowout condition, and save the lives of millions of people living and working there.


Last week, she took evidence of the situation to key members of the United States Congress in an effort to get the EPA to cease allowing the spraying of Corexit in the Gulf and permit natural solutions to be implemented.


She had several meetings. They went extremely well. Key congressional committee staff have asked for some additional information, which her team is in the process of gathering. But they are up against one of the biggest oil companies in the world with 96,000 employees and revenues of $297 billion, and a rogue government agency that is supporting the poisoning of the environment and citizenry in the Gulf on a colossal scale.


Which actually makes it a pretty even fight; but it’s costly, folks.


The Earth Organization is a registered nonprofit. They rely on the donations of members and supporters. This last cache of information requested by congressional staff is available, but a number of high-priced professionals are needed to scientifically document certain aspects of this, and to bring the necessary pressure to bear to get this situation turned around.


So I am writing to you to give her a hand.


We all devote a great deal of time, money and effort to make this a better world. This project, brought to a successful conclusion, will not only save an enormous area of environment, massive numbers of marine life and wildlife, but countless human lives.


I don’t mean to be gruesome, but people poisoned by the Corexit there are suffering agonizing deaths.


What do you say, can you give Barb and The Earth Organization a hand in bringing an ethical solution to the toxic holocaust now occurring in the Gulf.


God will smile.


Click the link below to donate.


And thanks for your help!





Bruce Wiseman


Biggest Cover Up in US history

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Given the previous article, which i urge you to read posted on this page, the title here ‘Biggest….history’ is an understatement of enormous proportions. Probably should read ‘Biggest Cover Up in the History of the World’!

Biggest Cover Up in US History

Months after the US government declared the waters in the Gulf of Mexico safe, thick layers of oil have been found along Louisiana coastal marshes, prompting local officials to accuse relevant authorities of ‘cover-up.’

Louisiana officials say parts of the state’s coastline are still being fouled more than eight months after British Petroleum’s (BP) Deepwater Horizon rig caused the biggest oil disaster in the United States.

“This is the biggest cover-up in the history of America,” AP quoted Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser as saying.

On Friday, Robert Barham, secretary of Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, joined Nungesser on a tour of the area.

“It has been eight months since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, and five months since the well was capped. While workers along the coast dedicated themselves to cleaning up our shores there is still so much to be done,” Barham said in a statement.

The heavily saturated area that reporters saw was 30 feet (9 meters) to 100 feet (30 meters) wide in sections.

“There’s been no mechanism to clean that up thus far,” the parish president said.

“Every day, this shoreline is moving inland,” lessening flood protection for residents, Nungesser added.

This is while US President Barack Obama and one his daughters went for a swim in the Gulf of Mexico last summer in an attempt to portray the water as safe and boost tourism industry reeling in the affected areas after millions of barrels of oil leaked into the gulf.

Nungesser has been a frequent and outspoken critic of the cleanup effort ever since the oil explosion began infiltrating the environmentally delicate Louisiana coast line in April 20.

The wildlife and fisheries department, meanwhile, said oiled boom remains in “numerous locations, forgotten or lost by contractors charged with their maintenance and removal.”

The officials said biologists have found several oiled birds in the past few days, including at least two dead brown pelicans.

The explosion that destroyed the BP-leased Deepwater Horizon rig killed 11 workers and, according to the government estimates, led to more than 200 million gallons (757 million liters) of oil spewing from a hole a mile beneath the Gulf of Mexico.

Folks this is SERIOUS. I don’t know which is more pressing, the economic crisis or the gulf stream….

Gulf Stream dying update

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The report below, if accurate, is really very disturbing…to put it mildly. If the Gulf Stream is dying I fully suspect the powers that be to hide it as long as they can. Why would they want to alarm the masses?

As far as how the effects of this death plays out I have to say that all of us, scientist included, are babes in the woods. For all of our supposed knowledge we have no idea what the consequences of this might be, short and long term.

It has been talked about for quite some time that the species is ruining their collective nests. Folks this is the only option, at least as far as we know, on this physical plane for us to habitat. Unless our space brothers come and give us a ride to some other planet, we have only this beautiful emerald ball to work with. The key phrase here is work with, not against or contrary to a harmonious existence. An existence that insures that our children and their childrens children have a place to live.

Please read this article and check it out. This could be one of the most important reads and research you ever do.

Letter from Austin R. Rust

See Youtube Videos:
ICE AGE 4 – Dawn Of The BP OIL DISASTER. Gulf-Stream(the loop) going, going, gone!!
Damaged Gulf Stream affects Jet Stream – Lord Stirling

December 30, 2010

My dear North American friends,

My advice to you all is to prepare to move south into Southern Mexico, Central America, and the Northern Andes of South America. BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil well blowout has destroyed the loop current in the Gulf of Mexico and consequently also destroyed the North Atlantic Current, which keeps England and Northern Europe from freezing. See:

Glaciation in the Northern Hemisphere at an unknown pace is now inevitable. “A new Ice Age could kill 2/3 of the human race in the first year in a rapid onset; a slower onset would likely kill close to this number but simply take a handful of years.” Source: See article below from:

There will not be much of a human future in North America and Northern Europe for many thousands of years unless a way is found to remove the oil sunk in the Gulf by BP. It is going to get too cold to grow food. The severe winter weather in North America and Europe this year (2010) bears witness to the fact that “Life on this Earth Just Changed.”

In the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, “white men” (Northern European Caucasians) used their military and overall technological superiority to spread west from Europe across North America killing most of the indigenous people in their path. Now, with the destruction of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico by British Petroleum and the Obama Administration and the consequent stalling of the North Atlantic Current, the inhabitants of the United States, Great Britain and Northern Europe will use their military superiority to spread south and southeast to whatever inhabitable regions remain on the globe after BP’s destruction of the oceans’ “thermohaline circulation.” This circulation has been an essential part of this planet’s heat exchange system for hundreds of thousands of years. Now it is gone until we can fix it sometime after an inevitable ice age has begun.

I say: “Go south young man.”

But where south? That is the question, and you should read this letter to its very end for the answer.

The heat circulatory system of the planet has been broken by the oil companies and their cronies in Washington. What will happen next? It is hard to predict. However:

“It is reasonable to foresee the threat that the breaking of [such] a crucial warm stream as the Loop Current may generate a chain reaction of unpredictable critical phenomena and instabilities due to strong non-linearities which may have serious consequences on the dynamics of the Gulf Stream [North Atlantic Current] thermoregulation activity of the Global Climate.” —Dr. Gianluigi Zangari,
The heat will find a new pattern in which to circulate in an unstable period of transition. “An “ice age” cometh,” that’s for sure. On Lord Sterling’s website we read:

Life on this Earth Just Changed

The North Atlantic Current is Gone

The latest satellite data establishes that the North Atlantic Current (also called the North Atlantic Drift) no longer exists and along with it the Norway Current. These two warm water currents are actually part of the same system that has several names depending on where in the Atlantic Ocean it is. The entire system is a key part of the planet’s heat regulatory system; it is what keeps Ireland and the United Kingdom mostly ice free and the Scandinavia countries from being too cold; it is what keeps the entire world from another Ice Age. This Thermohaline Circulation System is now dead in places and dying in others.
This ‘river’ of warm water that moves through the Atlantic Ocean is called, in various places, the South Atlantic Current, the North Brazil Current, the Caribbean Current, the Yucatan Current, the Loop Current, the Florida Current, the Gulf Stream, the North Atlantic Current (or North Atlantic Drift) and the Norway Current.

The thermohaline circulation is sometimes called the ocean conveyor belt, the great ocean conveyor, or the global conveyor belt.
It is a university level physics experiment to use a tub of cool water and inject a colored stream of warm water into it. You can see the boundary layers of the warm water stream. If you add oil to the tub it breaks down the boundary layers of the warm water stream and effectively destroys the current vorticity . This is what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Atlantic Ocean.
The entire ‘river of warm water’ that flows from the Caribbean to the edges of Western Europe is dying due to the Corexit that the Obama Administration allowed BP to use to hide the scale of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster. The approximately two million gallons of Corexit, plus several million gallons of other dispersants, have caused the over two hundred million gallons of crude oil, that has gushed for months from the BP wellhead and nearby sites, to mostly sink to the bottom of the ocean. This has helped to effectively hide much of the oil, with the hopes that BP can seriously reduce the mandated federal fines from the oil disaster. However, there is no current way to effectively ‘clean up’ the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, which is about half covered in crude oil. Additionally, the oil has flowed up the East Coast of America and into the North Atlantic Ocean, and there is no way to effectively clean up this ‘sea bottom oil’. It is likely, based on numerous reports, that the oil is still flowing in massive amounts from multiple places on the seabed floor. This effectively means, that even if we had the technology in place to somehow clean up the free flowing thick crude oil deep in the ocean, it would likely not be enough to reverse the damage to the Thermohaline Circulation System in the Atlantic Ocean.
Dr. Deagle: The evidence has come in from ROV video and other experts such as Matt Simmons, BK Lim, and Lindsay Williams and my own anonymous whistleblowers from inside the closed circle of Cameron Ironworks, Tranocean Marine , Oceaneering International. My source provided very solid info re the ROV analysis by Oceaneering engineers that the BOP Blow Out Preventer was ‘modified’ and never had hydraulics to close the BOP. BP knew that the field had dangerous high levels of methane, hydrogen sulphide, and pressures exceeded any valve technology as the current state of the art. The seeps continue along a fractured fault line from the Macondo well site where evidence presented by BK Lim that the only well of three that reached the abiotic batholith ocean of oil and gas was never capped or stopped and has continued to leak along the ocean floor and inject oil and gas and tar into the rock strata.
Dr Gianluigi Zangari PhD from the Frascati Institute is a Theoretical Physicist, who has worked for years with a collaborative network of scientists monitoring the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current and its contribution to the Thermohaline Current System that makes the Gulf Stream that becomes the North Atlantic Drift Current and subcurrents. After receiving a contact from a naval scientist via a regular guest on the NutriMedical Report national radio show, on Genesis Network, John Moore sent Dr. Deagle the info on Dr Zangari’s work. Dr. Deagle contacted him by SKYPE and and within minutes was conversing by SKYPE to Italy with Dr Zangari re his serious analysis with data from six satellites of the May to June 12th 2010 dissolution of the Loop Current. Over the next few weeks to July 28th, with numerous interviews on The NutriMedical Report and updates, final proof was provided that the Gulf Stream had been stopped cold at the 47th longitudinal parallel with a 10 degree Celsius ocean temperature drop, and loss of velocity and energy, so that the Gulf Stream was only able to be measured by satellite to less than one-third the way across the Atlantic ocean. As Dr Zangari stated, this is not the butterfly effect but the ‘elephant effect’, and with the amount of oil released, the natural system linked as the pacemaker to world climate for millions of years, this was now gone, replaced by an artificial system with a Gulf of Mexico by late July seven degrees Celsius above normals, and totally disconnected Loop Current from the Florida current that becomes the Gulf Stream. In his reported on June 12th 2010 in a journal article, the CCAR Colorado data agreed with the NOAA and US Naval Satellites data. This live satellite data map later altered on the CCAR servers, and he emailed that this was “to falsify” and he could not explain this fact logically. He returned to NOAA and US Naval data on the same and later dates and stated by early August that the CCAR data was no longer reliable and his conclusions was not changed in quality or quantity of the serious consequences. His conclusion that ‘glaciation’ at an unknown pace was inevitable from this disaster.
Almost a month ago, we broke the story that the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico had effectively died. We quoted Dr. Gianluizi Zangari, who first discovered the damage to the Thermohaline Circulation System:
“As displayed by both by the sea surface maps and the sea surface height maps, the Loop Current broke down for the first time around May 18th and generated a clock wise eddy, which is still active. As of today the situation has deteriorated up to the point in which the eddy has detached itself completely from the main stream therefore destroying completely the Loop Current. ..”
“It is reasonable to foresee the threat that the breaking of [such] a crucial warm stream as the Loop Current may generate a chain reaction of unpredictable critical phenomena and instabilities due to strong non-linearities which may have serious consequences on the dynamics of the Gulf Stream thermoregulation activity of the Global Climate.” —Dr. Gianluigi Zangari,
The massive amount of crude oil, ever expanding in volume and covering such an enormous area, has seriously affected the entire thermoregulation system of the planet, by breaking up the boundary layers of the warm water flow. The Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico ceased to exist a month ago [August 15, 2010], the latest satellite data clearly shows that the North Atlantic Current is now GONE and the Gulf Stream begins to break apart approximately 250 miles from the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The Thermohaline Circulatory System, where the warm water current flows through a much cooler, much larger, ocean, effects the upper atmosphere above the current as much as seven miles high. The lack of this normal effect in the eastern North Atlantic has disrupted the normal flow of the atmospheric Jet Stream this summer, causing unheard of high temperatures in Moscow (104F) and drought, and flooding in Central Europe, with high temperatures in much of Asia and massive flooding in China, Pakistan, and elsewhere in Asia.

A Normal Gulf Stream taken from 5 September2004.

Figure 1. Gulf Stream velocities one week ago: Sunday 22 August 2010
The most current data continues to show a dying of the entire Thermohaline Circulation System in the Atlantic Ocean. This is indicative of the fact that the dispersants have caused the oil to remain in place below the surface, and according to most reports remain in almost full amounts (up to 80%) long after the BP Oil Disaster began. Since there is no current way to remove this massive amount of free flowing oil below the sea at depths up to one mile deep, it is apt to continue to effect any natural recovery of the Thermohaline Circulation System.
So what does this mean? Violent mixing of the seasons, crop failures, and increased drought and floods in diverse places is now daily news since the April 20th 2010 BP Oil Volcano. They have killed the pacemaker of world climate in the worlds of Dr Zangari PhD. Dr Mike Coffman PhD geologist resource climatologist, and Dr Tim Ball PhD climatologist have confirmed that if this data is correct, that an ice age and massive climate shift with famine is now imminent. We are now seeing Russia stop all delivery of wheat crops on prior contracts, and most sources of staple food crops moving worldwide in a crisis of famine. The Gulf Stream and related currents are effectively DEAD. This should enrage the public and bring forth scientists to challenge and support the data and analysis, for the consequences to the civilization of mankind and ecological collapse have global consequence producing famine, death and massive population migration away from zones of advancing ice age and regions unfit for human habitation. Let us get the facts and call the corporate and government to task on these issues now or face worldwide catechisms of biblical proportions. We shall continue to report with new scientific experts on this most important disaster.
The ‘process’ of entering a new Ice Age could begin coming upon us in full force (rather like in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”) at any time, or it could take three to five year to fully play out with early glaciation beginning in North America and Europe and Asia this winter (both models have existed in the beginnings of different Ice Ages in Earth’s past).
A new Ice Age, could kill 2/3 of the human race in the first year in a rapid onset; a slower onset would likely kill close to this number but simply take a handful of years.! Thank you BP; thank you President Obama, the lies and the dispersants were just great. Now if you could just direct all that hot air to the right places maybe we can avoid a icy hell in our near future.
UPDATE 2 September2010: Europe is going into an early winter ~ link ~ with snowfall in the Alps coming a month early ~ link ~ half a meter of snow in late August in Norway ~ link ~ early snow in Russia ~ link ~ Additionally, sea ice in the Antarctic is at near record levels ~ link ~ and coldest August in South Australia in 35 years ~ link ~ This is indicative of a major climatic change to the entire planet and is to be expected from the dying Thermohaline Circulation System in the Atlantic Ocean.

Current velocities of the Gulf Stream
December 2010

Figure 1. Gulf Stream velocities one week ago: Wednesday 22 December 2010

Figure 2. Gulf Stream velocities two weeks ago: Wednesday 15 December 2010

Figure 3. Gulf Stream velocities three weeks ago: Wednesday 8 December 2010

Figure 4. Gulf Stream velocities four weeks ago: Wednesday 1 December 2010

“Mr. Kurtz, he dead. The horror. The horror.”
(Conrad, Joseph The Heart of Darkness)

“Over several months, a potent succession of cold fronts will sweep across the world. Ever increasing in intensity and duration, damaging storms will batter the West Coast of the United States and spawn flooding, mudslides and severe, deadly tornadoes across the US.

“Similar powerful storms will pummel Europe, sending millions streaming south in panic.”

“Then meteorologists from the National Weather Service will issue their most severe warning yet, a storm that appears to be larger and more terrible than modern man has seen before. It forms a virtually non-stop hurricane of snow and ice that begins to bury the Northern Hemisphere under an impenetrable sheet of frost. As the weeks go by, the skies will remain turbulent and dark, and mankind will be thrust into its greatest peril.”


Here is where you should go (see yellow and green areas below) to escape the cold, my American friends:

In the Americas, during the dry period of the Ice Age, most people probably migrated to the Olmec region of Central America and the Northern Andes.
Glaciers of about 20,000 years ago are shown in dark blue, blue, and light blue in this map from The Times Atlas of World History
(Times Books (4th ed) 1993). Red shows the extended land area due to low sea
levels about 20,000 years ago, and green and yellow show areas favorable for human habitation in wet and dry periods, respectively.

Buy grains, beans, seeds, etc., now, my American friends. They will be money. Then, drive south in organized groups with your food and with weapons, fuel, and tools.
My English and Northern European friends, here is where you must go (see yellow and green areas below):


Given the new energy technologies discussed in my book Change, Volume One, there must be a way to eliminate the sea bottom oil now clogging up the oceans’ “thermohaline circulation” in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. To do so however the world’s most advanced people must survive in the areas of the globe in green and yellow above that will be warm enough and wet enough to sustain agriculture and thus human life after the coming ice age begins. Building the technologies that will solve the problem BP has created will involve having somewhere viable to locate an agricultural and an industrial base.

So, we have to move America’s best and brightest, and we have to move them quickly and equip them adequately to start up a new ice age civilization in Southern Mexico, Central America, and the Northern Andes. We may only have a few months or a few years to get the job done. Washington can’t do it, so the American people in the States themselves must do it. Washington is hopelessly corrupt and thus unable to govern.

Good luck my friends,

Second Letter Regarding Disruption of Gulf Stream

from Austin R. Rust

January 1, 2011
My dear North American and European friends,
I recommend the interview with “Charles” conducted by Bill Ryan at

We have allowed 2% of the people on this planet to have ownership of 98% of the wealth. These people (33 insider bloodlines “Charles” says) have established their control of world food through companies like Monsanto in St. Louis. They have, according to “Charles,” built extensive underground cities where they will put millions of people who will be their survivors after they cut off the food supply they control starving most everyone else. When you hear him in the interview, please realize that “Charles” is a psychopath who has been working for other psychopaths who are the “people” running the world supposedly. So, in my opinion, anything Charles says in the interview may very well be misinformation whereas much of what he says has to be true or he knows we would stop listening. Charles may be trying to counteract the information Ryan gave us last year in his “Anglo-Saxon Mission” material.

This “Charles” interview, which you can watch through the link above, was published just yesterday on the Internet and for some reason I ended up watching it right off the bat; and, then, about an hour later, I ended up watching another presentation by Bill Ryan done last year regarding “The Anglo-Saxon Mission.”


You should watch it too and read the transcript at:

It seems as though I am on a learning curve regarding the possible effect on world climate of the Deepwater Horizon blowout and how it was handled by BP and Washington.
Last winter was also a cold one for the British Isles. So, really, the cold one again this year proves nothing about the effect of the lessening of the Gulf Stream by the Deepwater Horizon blowout. Only if this bad winter in Britain lasts for months rather than weeks will it indicate the presence of a new factor causing it. The very cold winters of 1946–1947, 1962–1963, 1978–79, 1981–1982 and 2009–2010 in Great Britain are said to have been caused by “blocking anti-cyclones” which persist several days or even weeks, but not for months.
Heat is transported from the equator north to Great Britain mostly by the atmosphere in atmospheric waves, not in the current. Thus the effect of a change in the Gulf Stream related to the oil sunk in the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon blowout may not be decisive in changing the weather in Great Britain and in Europe. It may be additive to the effect of less solar activity (no sun spots). Lord Sterling’s hypothesis that oil sunk after the blowout is going to cause an “ice age” may turn out to be wrong or right. It is too soon to be certain. All sane people hope that he is wrong.
The following article from Science Daily (2008) appears to support Lord Sterling’s ice age hypothesis:

Gulf Stream Leaves Its Signature Seven Miles High

ScienceDaily (Mar. 24, 2008) — The Gulf Stream’s impact on climate is well known, keeping Iceland and Scotland comfortable in winter compared to the deep-freeze of Labrador at the same latitude. That cyclones tend to spawn over the Gulf Stream has also been known for some time. A new study reveals that the Gulf Stream anchors a precipitation band with upward motions and cloud formations that can reach 7 miles high and penetrate the upper troposphere. The discovery, announced by a Japan–US team of scientists, shows that the Gulf Stream has a pathway by which to directly affect weather and climate patterns over the whole Northern Hemisphere, and perhaps even world wide.

“Our findings gain even more significance by the fact that the Gulf Stream is the upper limb of the Atlantic portion of the ocean conveyor belt that drives the global ocean circulation,” says co-author Shang-Ping Xie, a research team leader at the International Pacific Research Center in the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, and professor of meteorology at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. “The conveyor belt is predicted to slow down with global warming, which implies that changes in the Gulf Stream will modulate spatial patterns of future climate change.”

Xie has been curious for some time about the response of the atmosphere to warm currents flowing within cold ocean water, such as the Gulf Stream or its Pacific counterpart, the Kuroshio. Xie says, “It has been a challenging task to isolate the climatic influence of the Gulf Stream from energetic weather variations by using conventional observations, which are spatially and temporally sporadic. Our findings were only possible because of the availability of high-resolution satellite data, an operational weather analysis, and an atmospheric circulation model.”
The first hint that these warm ocean currents have a significant effect on the atmosphere came from high-resolution NASA satellite data. These images show a narrow rain band hovering frequently over the warm flank of the currents; wind accelerates and converges over the warm flank and diverges and decelerates on the cold flank.
The satellite images, however, do not allow accurate measurements of upward motions and divergence of air in the upper troposphere, which are necessary to understand the link between the current and large-scale climate. This is where the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) analysis provided the missing data. “It is remarkable to see how the diverging winds 7 miles high show a structure similar to the converging winds and the rain clouds, all meandering with the Gulf Stream,” says lead author Shoshiro Minobe, a professor at the Division of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Hokkaido University.
The upward wind velocity is strongest about the first mile above the surface, but the Gulf Stream-following structure is clearly visible at 4 miles and still discernible at 7 miles and above. The band of diverging winds in the upper troposphere follows the meandering Gulf Stream front.
The findings from the operational weather analysis pointed to the warm flank of the Gulf Stream as the cause of the strong upward winds. “We wanted more evidence, though,” says team member Akira Kuwano-Yoshida of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), “and turned to the high-resolution Atmospheric Model for the Earth Simulator (AGCM) at JAMSTEC. We drove the model first with the actual Gulf Stream temperatures. The model successfully captured the rain band and the signature in the upper troposphere. Then we removed the sharp sea surface gradient from the Gulf Stream front by smoothing the temperature in the model. The narrow rain band disappeared.”
Finally, the team used outgoing longwave radiation satellite data to measure the cloud top temperatures. The narrow cloud band, associated with lightning, extends 7 miles high above the Gulf Stream meanders and has temperatures below freezing. All this is further evidence that the Gulf Stream influence on the atmosphere extends far above the lower atmosphere.
The Gulf Stream’s strength has changed markedly in the past as Earth has switched between warm periods and ice ages. Closely linked to these changes have been climate changes around the globe—not only in the Atlantic, but also in the Pacific and even in the Southern Hemisphere. Scientists have been puzzled at how the changes in the Atlantic thermohaline circulation (the conveyor belt) lead to climate anomalies in other regions in the Northern Hemisphere. The new study discovers a direct pathway, the Gulf Stream’s deep heating of the atmosphere. This heating generates planetary waves that can induce quite rapid changes in Earth’s atmospheric circulation and alter climate over Europe and beyond by riding on the westerly jet stream in the upper troposphere.
Journal reference: Minobe, S., A. Kuwano-Yoshida, N. Komori, S.-P. Xie, and R.J. Small, 2008: Influence of the Gulf Stream on the troposphere. Nature. March 13, 2008.
In my last letter to you all I included some maps showing where on earth humanity survived the last ice age. Consider the contents of Ryan’s revelation of the “Anglo-Saxon Mission” and then note that India, Southern China, the Anatolian Peninsula, Syria, Iraq, and Iran are the regions that are targeted in this “mission.”
If we go into another ice age, Southern China will be a very important place. Bad people in the know may start fighting over it very soon. It seems that most good people have been rather easy to deceive and have thus been kept quite ignorant of what is going on. Ignorance is bliss up to a certain point; then it is catastrophic.

If you give any credence at all to the article as written, then food will become a major issue.  Staying warm will be next, so adequate shelter is high on the list.  I have personally looked into Central and South America and like the prospects of living in some of these countries.  Be warned that any move you make will require some very big adjustments to the way you think and view the world.  You will be moving into a very different culture and will have to adapt to it, for it will not adapt to you!  If you think it will then you will be very unhappy with the move.

BP hack Feinberg should be fired!

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In light of the just posted article on this site referencing the ‘death of the Gulf of Mexico’, Feinberg’s comment that 1/2 of the BP will cover all claims is just ludicrous. Feinberg is working for BP to administer the fund, so of course he would say this.

I certainly hope the government doesn’t allow those funds to be returned. It is far too early yet to even think that 20 billion is sufficient to cover all the loses. I am thinking that BP is testing the waters to see if enough time has passed and the incident well enough out of mind to begin their PR campaign to get their dough back!

Feinberg Says Half of $20 Billion Fund May Cover BP Claims

By Jim Snyder and Carol Massar – Dec 31, 2010 1:52 PM MT

Kenneth Feinberg, administrator of the $20 billion compensation fund for victims of BP Plc’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill, said he anticipates half that amount will be sufficient to cover claims for economic losses.

The fund, established by BP after negotiations with the Obama administration, also pays clean-up costs. While Feinberg told Bloomberg Television today that it is too early to project how much will go to individuals and businesses, he estimated $10 billion may be enough to compensate victims.

“It remains to be seen, but I would hope that half that money would be more than enough to pay all the claims,” Feinberg said.

The Gulf Coast Claims Facility has paid about $2.7 billion to more than 170,000 claimants, mostly in temporary, emergency payments. The facility has received more than 468,000 claims, according to its website. Feinberg said many claims lacked sufficient documentation to warrant payment.

“We’ll bend over backwards to pay claims,” he said.

To contact the reporter on this story: Jim Snyder in Washington at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Steve Geimann at

I would start talking this up to your ‘elected official’ before these guys get a head of steam.

Gulf of Mexico is dying

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This report just in and I can’t tell you how disturbing it truly is. The possibilities nor realities of the aftermath of the oil spill have not nor are they currently being discussed. My problem is one of science, I don’t really know that much, probably enough to get into trouble, but this report certainly sounds some alarm bells.

I am continuing to check this story out and will keep you informed. Darren will also be reporting more on the possibilities this event could have. Are we already witnessing some of the effects in the tremendous weather in Europe? Only time will tell and it will take a very long time to see exactly what sort of destruction we have sown.

It is time for the new energy, the kind that MSM and the general public would tell you is not possible. The same things that were said prior to electricity etc…just not possible. They are and they will come out soon!

The Gulf of Mexico is Dying

A Special Report on the BP Gulf Oil Spill

By Dr. Tom Termotto

URL of this article:
Global Research, December 26, 2010
Concerned citizens of Florida – 2010-12-01
It is with deep regret that we publish this report.  We do not take this responsibility lightly, as the consequences of the following observations are of such great import and have such far-reaching ramifications for the entire planet.  Truly, the fate of the oceans of the world hangs in the balance, as does the future of humankind.

The Gulf of Mexico (GOM) does not exist in isolation and is, in fact, connected to the Seven Seas.  Hence, we publish these findings in order that the world community will come together to further contemplate this dire and demanding predicament.  We also do so with the hope that an appropriate global response will be formulated, and acted upon, for the sake of future generations.  It is the most basic responsibility for every civilization to leave their world in a better condition than that which they inherited from their forbears.

After conducting the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference for over seven months, we can now disseminate the following information with the authority and confidence of those who have thoroughly investigated a crime scene.  There are many research articles, investigative reports and penetrating exposes archived at the following website.  Particularly those posted from August through November provide a unique body of evidence, many with compelling photo-documentaries, which portray the true state of affairs at the Macondo Prospect in the GOM.

The pictorial evidence tells the whole story.

Especially that the BP narrative is nothing but a corporate-created illusion – a web of fabrication spun in collaboration with the US Federal Government and Mainstream Media.  Big Oil, as well as the Military-Industrial Complex, have aided and abetted this whole scheme and info blackout because the very future of the Oil & Gas Industry is at stake, as is the future of the US Empire which sprawls around the world and requires vast amounts of hydrocarbon fuel.

Should the truth seep out and into the mass consciousness – that the GOM is slowly but surely filling up with oil and gas – certainly many would rightly question the integrity, and sanity, of the whole venture, as well as the entire industry itself.  And then perhaps the process would begin of transitioning the planet away from the hydrocarbon fuel paradigm altogether.

It’s not a pretty picture.

The various pictures, photos and diagrams that fill the many articles at the aforementioned website represent photo-evidence about the true state of affairs on the seafloor surrounding the Macondo Prospect in the Mississippi Canyon, which is located in the Central Planning Area of the northern Gulf of Mexico.  The very dynamics of the dramatic changes and continuous evolution of the seafloor have been captured in ways that very few have ever seen.  These snapshots have given us a window of understanding into the true state of the underlying geological formations around the various wells drilled in the Macondo Prospect.

Although our many deductions may be difficult for the layperson to apprehend at first, to the trained eye these are but obvious conclusions which are simply the result of cause and effect.  In other words there is no dispute around the most serious geological changes which have occurred, and continue to occur, in the region around the Macondo wells.  The original predicament (an 87 day gushing well) was extremely serious, as grasped by the entire world, and the existing situation is only going to get progressively worse.

So, just what does this current picture look like.  Please click on the link below to view the relevant diagrams and read the commentary:

As the diagrams clearly indicate, the geology around the well bore has been blown.  This occurred because of drilling contiguous to a salt dome(1), as well as because of the gas explosions which did much damage to the integrity of the well casing, cementing, well bore, well head, and foundation around the well head.  Eighty-seven straight days of gushing hydrocarbon effluent under great pressure only served to further undermine the entire well system.  Finally, when it was capped, putting the system back under pressure forced the upsurging hydrocarbons to find weaknesses throughout the greater system, which revealed all sorts of compromised, fractured and unsettled geology through which the hydrocarbons could travel all the way to the seafloor and into the GOM.

(1)“The rock beds in the vicinity of a salt dome are highly fractured and permeable due to stress and deformation which occur as the salt dome thrusted upwards.” (Per BK Lim, Geohazards Specialist)

We also have faults* to deal with in this scenario of which there are both deep and shallow.  Depending on the current vital stats of the blown out well, especially its actual depth; the number, location and severity of the breaches throughout the well system; the pressure at the wellhead; as well as the type and status of geological formations/strata it has been drilled into, these faults will become prominently configured into the future stability of the whole region.  Larger faults can open up much greater opportunities for the hydrocarbons to find their way to the seafloor via cracks and crevices, craters and chasms.  In fact the numerous leaks and seeps throughout the seafloor surface, which are quite apparent from various ROV live-feeds, give testimony to sub-seafloor geological formations in great turmoil and undergoing unprecedented flux.

*“Once the oil gets into the shallow faulted zones, we have an uncontrollable situation.  The place where most of the oil and gas is coming out  is at the foot hills of the continental shelf as shown in figure 134-1 in the article “BP continues to dazzle us with their unlimited magic”.  The discovery by WHOI of the 22 mile long river of oil originated from these leaks.  So the leaks will be mainly along the faults where I have marked (shallow) in “What is going on at West Sirius” and deep strike-slip faults (red line)  on fig 134-1.” (Per BK Lim, Geohazards Specialist)

Just how bad is this situation?

There are actually three different ongoing disasters – each more grave and challenging than the previous one – which must be considered when assessing the awesome destruction to the GOM by the Oil & Gas Industry.

I.  A single gushing well at 7o – 100,000 barrels per day of hydrocarbon effluent for 87 days into the GOM at the Macondo Prospect along with two smaller rogue wells

II. Numerous leaks and seeps within five to ten square miles of the Macondo well with an aggregate outflow of an unknown amount of hydrocarbon effluent per day into the GOM

III.  Countless gushers and spills, leaks and seeps, throughout the Gulf of Mexico, where drilling has been conducted for many decades, with an aggregate outflow that can not even be estimated, but is well in excess of any guesstimate which would ensure the slow and steady demise of the GOM.

It is the last scenario which we all face and to which there is no easy or obvious solution.  The truth be told, there currently does not exist the technology or machinery or equipment to repair the damage that has been wrought by the process of deep undersea drilling, especially when it is performed in the wrong place.  Therefore, wherever the oil and gas find points of entry into the GOM through the seafloor, these leaks and seeps will only continue to get worse.  Here’s why:

Methane gas mixed with saltwater and mud makes for a very potent corrosive agent.  Under high pressure it will find every point of egress through the rock and sediment formations all the way up to the seafloor where it will find any point of exit that is available.  The longer and more forcefully that it flows throughout the fractured area, which is dependent on the volume, temperature and pressure at the source of the hydrocarbons, the more its corrosive effects will widen, broaden and enlarge the channels, cracks and crevices throughout the sub-seafloor geology, thereby creating a predicament that no science, technology or equipment can remedy.

Dire realities of the methane hydrate predicament

The Macondo Prospect in the GOM is just one of many throughout the oceans of the world where the seafloor has beds of methane hydrate locked in place by very high pressure and low temperatures.  Likewise, there are myriad repositories and large “reservoirs” of methane clathrates in the sub-seafloor strata, and especially within the more superficial geological formations, which are being greatly impacted by all oil and gas drilling and extraction activities.  It does not take much imagination to understand how the upsurging hydrocarbons (very hot oil and gas) are quickly converting the frozen hydrates to gas, thereby causing innumerable “micro-displacements”, the cumulative effect of which will translate to larger “macro-displacements” of rock, sediment and other geological formations.

When you factor in this constant vaporization of methane hydrates/clathrates both sub-seafloor as well as those scattered around the seafloor surface to the existing scenario, this devolving situation becomes that much more difficult to effectively remedy.  With the resulting shifts and resettling and reconfiguration of the entire seafloor terrain and underlying strata occurring in the wake of these dynamics, we are left with a situation that is not going to get better through the use of even more invasive technology and intrusive machinery.

Question: How many times can you grout a seafloor crack that was caused by an underlying superficial fault after drilling into an old mud volcano?

Answer: “In the attempt to seal the oil from oozing through the faults, BP resorted to high pressure grouting.  Basically it is like cementing the cracks in the rock by injecting grout (cement mixture) at high pressure. The way they do this is by drilling an injection hole into the shallow rocks and pumping in the grout. The grout in “slurry” state will permeate into the cracks, cure and seal up the cracks. However it is not working because of the presence of gas and oil. It is like super-glue. You need to clean the surfaces before you apply the glue; otherwise it won’t stick and will come off eventually after a few days or weeks. That is why we can see a few blown out craters – shown in my article – Is the last rite for the Macondo Well for real?(Per BK Lim, Geohazards Specialist)

Likewise, how do you fill a newly emerging gash in the seafloor which is caused by a deep fault due to low level seismic activity, or worse, a full blown earthquake?!

Seismic activity in the GOM and the uptick in earthquakes in the Mississippi River Basin and surrounding region
The oil and gas platforms that were in operation throughout the northern Gulf of Mexico in 2006 (per Wikipedia).

We now come to the most serious issue regarding the relentless drilling for oil and gas throughout the Gulf of Mexico.  The map above clearly illustrates the density of drilling throughout the northern GOM as of 2006.  Likewise, the map below demonstrates the extraordinary and increasing intensity of these very same operations off the coast of Louisiana alone.

Green lines represent active pipes (25,000 miles in all). Yellow dots represent oil rigs.

The map that follows, however, tells a story which demands the attention of every resident of the GOM coastline.  The video link below the map shows the development timeline of the successively deeper wells being drilled during the last decade.  Of course, with greater depths come much greater risks, as the technology and machinery have not been proportionately upgraded to accommodate the extraordinary demands and unforeseen contingencies of such a speculative and dangerous enterprise*.

*Oil and gas drilling in seawater depths of over 4000 feet, and through 15,000 to 25,000 feet of the earth’s crust and mantle, is considered extremely dangerous to those from whom reason and common sense have not yet fled.

Click on the map to enlarge.

It’s critical to understand the location and current activity of the various faults which exist throughout the GOM and how they connect to the New Madrid Fault Line, as well as other major faults at much greater distance.  There does appear to be a emerging uptick in earthquake activity in the greater Louisiana area, as well as contiguous regions in the GOM as demonstrated by unprecedented, albeit low level earthquakes.  Correlations between these earthquakes/seismic activity and major operations at the Macondo Prospect have been alluded to in our previous postings.

Earthquake Activity in Gulf of Mexico Prompts 2003 Study for MMS

Gulf of Mexico Subsea Structures May Be in Seismic Danger Zone – Part 2

Now then, the question remains just how vulnerable has the GOM been made to a truly catastrophic event, ending up with an overwhelming displacement of water producing tidal waves, in the aftermath of an undersea earthquake.

There is no question that the ceaseless fracturing of the seafloor and fissuring of the sub-seafloor geological strata by the Oil & Gas Industry has set up a quite conducive environment for HUGE unintended consequences.  We leave it up to the experts to conduct the necessary risk assessments, which will most assuredly let loose a sea of red flags about what Big Oil has done, and is currently doing, in the Gulf of Mexico.  Furthermore, we are deeply concerned that, if a permanent moratorium on all new oil and gas drilling and extraction in the GOM is not put into place poste haste, the coastal communities will remain in a very precarious situation.

Worsening GOM predicament is reflective of the status quo around the globe

Now consider the following scenario: that this very same predicament, which we have all witnessed in the Gulf of Mexico, is happening wherever oil and gas drilling is conducted in the various water bodies throughout the planet.  Therefore we can multiply the Macondo Prospect disaster a hundred times and still not come close to the impacts that these ongoing gushers and spills, leaks and seeps are having the world over.

Perhaps the BP Gulf Oil Spill was the defining moment in modern history when all the nations of the world community were called by Mother Earth herself to begin transitioning the planet away from the Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm.  After all, we may never get another chance!

Tom Termotto is National Coordinator of the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference
SKYPE: Gulf_Advocate

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This could truly be a total game/world changing event if there is any truth at all in what these folks are saying!

Mini Ice Age Coming

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On Darren’s show last night he mentioned some disturbing information about the cold temperatures and a possible relationship to the oil spill and the Gulf Stream.

You probably were as shocked as I at the evidence that the gulf stream has stalled or perhaps even stopped 200 plus miles off North Carolina. Catch the newsletter on keeping warm and healthy this winter and take a few minutes to view the following clips that explain this whole gulf stream event brought on by the effects of the gulf oil spill. The videos, of which there are 3 parts explain the science behind this catastrophe that has the potential to usher in a new mini ice age.

This is a global game changer!

Evidence of oil in GULF sea floor

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What everyone knows yet the government and certainly not BP are going to admit, there is indeed oil on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. How it is going to affect sea life and humans has yet to be determined. The speculation is all over the place on that accord, but it is safe to say that marine life will continue to be affected greatly!

How long before the government admits there has been a major environmental catastrophe here? My answer would be about as long as it has taken them to admit and rectify all the screw ups after Katrina…read not now not ever!

Oil spill Crisis in the Gulf of Mexico

By Rick Jervis, USA TODAY

NEW ORLEANS — Scientists who were aboard two research vessels studying the Gulf of Mexico oil spill’s impact on sea life have found substantial amounts of oil on the seafloor, contradicting statements by federal officials that the oil had largely disappeared.

Scientists on the research ship Cape Hatteras found oil in samples dug up from the seafloor in a 140-mile radius around the site of the Macondo well, said Kevin Yeager, a University of Southern Mississippi assistant professor of marine sciences. He was the chief scientist on the research trip, which ended last week.

Oil found in samples ranged from light degraded oil to thick raw crude, Yeager said.

A research team on a ship called the Arctic Sunrise, sponsored by the environmental activist group Greenpeace, also turned up traces of oil in sediment samples as well as evidence of chemical dispersants in blue crab larvae and long plumes of oxygen-depleted water emanating from the well site 50 miles off Louisiana’s coast.

FULL COVERAGE: The latest on the oil spill

IMAGES: Photos of oil disaster

ENGULFED: Your stories from the oil spill

Greenpeace was scheduled to announce its findings at a news conference today. Its trip also ended last week.

“Clearly, there appears to be vast volumes of oil present on the seafloor,” Yeager said. “We saw considerable evidence of it.”

Yeager said his team still needs to “fingerprint” the samples in labs to determine definitively that the oil came from the runaway well. The sheer abundance of oil and its proximity to the well site, though, makes it “highly likely” that the oil is from the Macondo well, he said.

The findings add to an ongoing debate between academic researchers and federal scientists, who have differed on the oil spill’s impact on the Gulf. The Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and sank in April, killing 11 crewmembers and releasing more than 100 million gallons of oil before it was sealed Sept. 18. BP leased the rig and is responsible for the spill’s cleanup, while the U.S. Coast Guard is overseeing response and cleanup work.

Federal officials have said that most of the oil has evaporated or been devoured by oil-eating microbes. Last week, Steve Lehmann, a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and a top science adviser to the Coast Guard, told the New Orleans Times-Picayune that his agency has not found any oil on the seafloor.

“The concept of a big slick of oil sinking to the bottom is kind of an anathema,” he said. “We have not found anything that we would consider actionable at 5,000 feet or 5 feet.”

Debbie Payton, a NOAA oceanographer leading the agency’s subsurface oil monitoring, said NOAA scientists have detected an oily sheen in some of the sediments samples they’ve taken near the well site, but early results from lab analysis so far have not shown any oil particles.

Part of the discrepancy between federal and academic scientists may come from how NOAA scientists lower the multi-ton machinery used to collect the samples, known as a “multiple corer,” into the sea, said Samantha Joye, a University of Georgia marine sciences professor who was one of the first to discover oily sediment in the seafloor.

Lowering the multiple corer too fast could disrupt the fine sediment on the seafloor and disperse oil particles, she said.

“These are really fine layers,” Joye said. “If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re not going to find oil.”

The three-month Greenpeace research trip aboard the Arctic Sunrise included scientists from Tulane University and Texas A&M University at Galveston, said John Hocevar, Greenpeace’s oceans campaign director who participated in the expedition.

The Tulane scientists found traces of what appeared to be the dispersant Clorexit, used to break up the gush of oil during the spill, in blue crab larvae, Hocevar said. A third team of scientists took whale recordings in the deep Gulf and will study them to see if the mammal’s numbers have dwindled and, if so, what role the oil might have played, he said.

Clif Nunnally, a doctoral student and manager of the deep sea biology lab at Texas A&M who was on the Arctic Sunrise, said he gathered sediment samples 6 miles north of the well site that clearly had oil in them.

“There’s definitely oil there,” Nunnally said. “Now it’s a matter of getting all the samples up and determining what the impact is on the animals there.”

Yeager said the next step is to try to determine what lasting effects the oil in the sediment may have on the worms, plankton and other invertebrates burrowed in the seafloor muck and what ripple effects that could trigger up the food chain to humans.

“From this point forward, this becomes largely a bottom-up story,” he said. “What’s troubling to me is we know almost nothing about what’s happening on the seafloor in relation to this oil.”

I am still recommending that folks that live near the most affected areas continue to do things that will strengthen their lungs and immune systems.

BP’s oil spill far from gone

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AS many of you are aware the miraculous disappearance of the visible oil does not mean that there is no more oil. Many of the mainstream media outlets and the President himself, taking a swim in the ocean so everyone can see how safe it is, have all said everything is just hunky dory now.

Well take a look a the embedded articles below and think again!

Mainstream Media telling you it’s all over?

Think again…

James Fox – BP is sinking the oil with Corexit in the Gulf !!!

Dead Fish Washing Up Everywhere Due to BP Oil Spill and Dispersants

Gulf Health Problems Blamed on Dispersed Oil

The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving

And, Beyond Bizarre:

Fisherman Forced To Sign Waiver Making THEM and NOT BP Liable For Contaminated BP Gulf Oil Spill Seafood!

Don’t believe a word the government or BP tells you about this, much less mainstream media.

More Toxins in Gulf

August 17, 2010 by  
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Well the miraculous oil clean up has taken a small step backwards…who would have thought? Millions of gallons of oil and corexit have just disappeared before our very eyes! There are still a few scientists that are collecting data and what they are finding is not good. Oil and toxins are falling to the ocean floor and contaminating microscopic organisms which are eaten by successively larger organisms…you get the idea right?

This problem will be with us for decades.

Scientists: Toxic organisms, oil found on Gulf floor

John Paul says, at first, he couldn’t believe his own scientific data showing toxic microscopic marine organisms in the Gulf of Mexico. He repeated the field test. A colleague did his own test. All the results came back the same: toxic.

It was the first time Paul and other University of South Florida scientists had made such a finding since they started investigating the environmental damage from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The preliminary results, the scientists believe, show that oil that has settled on the floor is contaminating small sea organisms.

Paul is a marine microbiologist with the University of South Florida. He and 13 other researchers were in the middle of a 10-day research mission that began August 6 in the Gulf of Mexico when they made the toxic discovery.

The researchers battled 12-foot waves and storms but returned to St. Petersburg, Florida Monday night.

We were there as the team pulled its research materials into the lab and got the first report back of their initial findings.

The researchers found micro-droplets of oil scattered across the ocean floor and they also found those droplets moving up through a part of the Gulf called the DeSoto Canyon, a channel which funnels water and nutrients into the popular commercial and recreational waters along the Florida Gulf Coast.

The scientists say even though it’s getting harder to see the oil the Gulf is still not safe.

“This whole concept of submerged oil and the application of dispersants in the subsurface and what are the impacts that it could have, have changed the paradigm of what an oil spill is from a 2-dimensional surface disaster to a 3-dimensional catastrophe,” said David Hollander, a chemical oceanographer and one of the lead scientists on the recent USF mission.

I suspect that as time goes on there will be more evidence of environmental and human damage from the oil spill. I also suspect that all this information will be way way under reported in the media.

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