Hungry in America

Growing numbers of our neighbors and fellow Americans are going hungry each day. Not only are these numbers multiplying at a rapid pace each day, but the faces in the population are changing. Today this issue is on the table of not only the important populations of America’s homeless and poor, but it is also on the table of the middle class, the child next door, many of the military who serve our nation and our nation’s elderly. […]

Money-Driven Medicine: “Medical-Industrial Complex” part 3

More than two decades of studies by researchers at Dartmouth reveal that one-third of our healthcare dollars are squandered on useless tests and ineffective or unproven procedures no better than the less-costly ones they replace. […]

Japanese Torture & Human Medical Experiment in Unit 731

Medical experiments in Japan show Human test subject tortured for science, Docu drama attempts to tell this horrifying story […]