Yellowstone jolted with small earthquake

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. — A small earthquake jolted Yellowstone National Park near Old Faithful geyser on Sunday.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the 3.6 magnitude temblor occurred just before 10 a.m. with the epicenter located about 6 miles north of Old Faithful, one of the park’s main attractions.

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7.6 Earthquake hits Costa Rica

We have seen a rash of earthquake activity, first California then El Salvador and now Costa Rica with a very large quake. Thank goodness that there are minimal human casualties so far. Now there is a higher alert status on the Turrialba Volcano there as scientists have noticed increased activity and believe that an eruption […]

Oklahoma earthquake, getting like CA

Two earthquakes strike central Oklahoma […]

New Madrid Fault set to go off??? Probably not…Maybe?

In all the frightening disaster scenarios out there an earthquake, a large one, along the New Madrid fault is perhaps one of the most serious. The last time there were major earthquakes along the fault, entire cities disappeared and rivers changed their course. […]

CA Schools Earthquake Safe?

If I were a parent with children in school in an earthquake prone area, I would most definitely make darn sure that the building was structurally sound and could withstand an earthquake!


I would also make sure my kids knew about earthquake safety…i.e. how to act in the event of an earthquake.




Nuke’s required to do earthquake assessment now?

Nuclear plants throughout the central and eastern United States must be reassessed within four years to determine how well they might withstand earthquakes, including plants in Illinois and Iowa where new geological data suggest earthquakes could be more frequent and intense than previously believed, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said. […]

Earthquake in S Texas

Third earthquake in 3 yeats […]

Another Texas Earthquake

Talk about odd, 2 earthquakes in one month is South Texas! I am from that part of the world and have never heard of, or can remember such a thing as an earthquake in that area!


One never knows when they might need provisions…Are you prepared?


Magnitude 3.3 earthquake shakes South Texas



New FEMA Commercial…anyone paying attention?

This new FEMA commercial is great and alarming. On the one hand it is urging you to be prepared and on the other you have to wonder why it is coming out now…


Is there something coming that ‘they’ don’t want to tell you about? ‘They’ just want to urge you to be prepared, […]

BREAKING NEWS! Earthquake rocks Spain…many dead

Breaking News! A 5.3 earthquake has hit Southern Spain just a bit ago and there are many injured, many buildings have collapsed and there are confirmed dead already. […]