Gas prices set record in California, why?

As oil prices decline the price of gas in California continues to set new highs, record highs! You would be wise to ask why.


The reason for this is the ‘outages’ in several refineries in the state. One outage was a power failure that caused the Exxon refinery in Torrence to shut down. With […]

CA Schools Earthquake Safe?

If I were a parent with children in school in an earthquake prone area, I would most definitely make darn sure that the building was structurally sound and could withstand an earthquake!


I would also make sure my kids knew about earthquake safety…i.e. how to act in the event of an earthquake.




Nuke’s required to do earthquake assessment now?

Nuclear plants throughout the central and eastern United States must be reassessed within four years to determine how well they might withstand earthquakes, including plants in Illinois and Iowa where new geological data suggest earthquakes could be more frequent and intense than previously believed, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said. […]

Earthquake in S Texas

Third earthquake in 3 yeats […]

Aftershocks from Virginia Quake in August Continue

I had no idea that the aftershocks from the 5.8 magnitude quake that hit Virginia last August were still going on. The article below gives us a brief explanation as to why…


When will the Virginia earthquake aftershocks end? By Jason Samenow

On Tuesday, a 3.1 magnitude aftershock centered 40 miles northwest of Richmond […]

Fracking is really causing problems here in the US, Ohio specifically.

The fracking nightmare is once again showing itself to be a dangerous reality, with earthquakes proven in Oklahoma and the UK already and now Ohio. Check out this article below to see more on what is going on!

Since March, a hydraulic fracturing operation near Youngstown, Ohio, has been shaking things up. In the past […]

2 more Earthquakes in Oklahoma

Things just keep getting stranger…


Two small earthquakes recorded east of Oklahoma City

The U.S. Geological Survey reports that two earthquakes struck near Meeker shortly after 3:30 a.m. Sunday.


Two earthquakes struck Sunday morning about 40 miles east of Oklahoma City.


The U.S. Geological Survey reported that the 3.2 and 2.2 magnitude […]

Earthquakes in Oklahoma?

There is some pretty strange things going on if you ask me! 2 earthquakes in OK of all places! What next? Are you prepared if something happens in your area?


For a Weekend, Oklahoma is Earthquake Country


Published: November 6, 2011



Usually, the earth-moving events on an autumn […]

Seas Rising

If global temperatures continue to rise and polar ice continues to melt, 9 percent of the land in our coastal cities and towns will be beneath sea level by the end of the century, University of Arizona researchers say […]

Not me Not today

A massive storm system that socked North Carolina and Virginia made its way into New York and New England on Friday, leaving flooded neighborhoods and roadways in its wake. […]