Euro Crisis Continues

The demise of our global economy is not an event that will go in a straight line to the bottom. It will be up and down with lots of posturing on behalf of the ‘leaders’ of the ‘developed’ countries.


Today is yet another example of this political posturing as the European Central Banker came […]

Euro Problems not Over

Since my last posting on this subject,not a whole lot has changed. Well, except the fact that this situation is getting worse, as we all knew it would, and the markets are noticing.


The stock markets have fallen in 3 of the last 4 days and most of the MSM is placing the blame […]

UK joins the crowd to print more money

As I was writing yesterday the Bank of England and UK Treasury told the world that they were committed to ‘adding liquidity’ to the system in the face of the Euro Crisis […]

Spain, a replay of U.S. financial disaster

Reading about the steps taken to ‘remedy’ the economic/finanical disaster in Spain (all of Europe looks pretty much the same) is like looking at 2008/2009 here in the U.S. all over again!


Merging banks, huge write downs on real estate etc. My issue is why did it take so long to hit Europe? Did […]

It all comes tumbling down

As incredible as it might seem for some, others like me have been convinced we were on this path for years, it appears that the end of the financial world as we know it is upon us!


How many headlines does one need to point to the obvious conclusion? This economic crisis is systemic, […]

Euro is Dead!

Well the article from the UK below spells it out, the weak are going to get kicked out of the EC or kinda kicked out and the strong will survive…this is the death of the whole system as they know it.


Without all the players who is left? Germany and maybe France, although their […]

AIG…verge of bankruptcy???

AIG’s executives have gazed into their crystal ball and concluded that the company’s prospects don’t look good. That dim outlook may help explain why the U.S. Treasury Department seems so anxious to begin reducing its 92 percent stake […]

BoA sees big problems in residential real estate

ank of America Corp. (BAC) Chief Executive Officer Brian T. Moynihan told shareholders today the nation’s housing market faces “enormous challenges” and that the lender is still struggling to contain bad mortgages. […]

Americans ‘losing it’

As the economy continues to crumble this trend is going to get even worse. The following are just a few examples of how Americans have been freaking out and losing it recently […]

Greek debt ratings fall…again…Beware USA

In a not too surprising move Greek debt ratings were cut yet again today to B from BB-. The interest rate on their debt now stands about 15.5% […]