Gas prices set record in California, why?

As oil prices decline the price of gas in California continues to set new highs, record highs! You would be wise to ask why.


The reason for this is the ‘outages’ in several refineries in the state. One outage was a power failure that caused the Exxon refinery in Torrence to shut down. With […]

Scientists warn food shortages could turn us all into vegetarians

Leading water scientists have issued one of the sternest warnings yet about global food supplies, saying that the world’s population may have to switch almost completely to a vegetarian diet over the next 40 years to avoid catastrophic shortages.

Humans derive about 20% of their protein from animal-based products now, but this may need to […]

Food Shortages Coming?

After the stormy weather several weeks ago we should all be aware that food shortages can happen even when there is food in a state near you. Without electricity grocery stores can’t offer many types of food for very long and then, well no more food until the juice comes back.


Now with a […]

Food Shortages and Anarchy

* A leading U.K. scientist warned about a threat of food riots around the world unless research into increasing crop yields is stepped up […]

Food Prices at Dangerous levels…World Bank

World Bank President Robert Zoellick says global food prices have hit “dangerous levels” that could contribute to political instability, push millions of people into poverty and raise the cost of groceries. […]

Mid East Crisis

Folks I have just been in touch with a friend in the Mid East and it is much worse than the MSM is letting on. Yes, Egypt is on fire, literally and figuratively, and so are many other countries in the Region. […]

Food Prices Rise

World food prices rose to an all-time high in January, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO […]

Food Shortages…coming soon

Strained by rising demand and battered by bad weather, the global food supply chain is stretched to the limit, sending prices soaring and sparking concerns about a repeat of food riots last seen three years ago […]

Flooding in too many places

Natural disasters hit Brazil, Sri Lanka and Australia with flooding and possible food shortages […]

Food shortages…

food shortages worldwide […]