Food Supply Issues on the Increase

If you read the news there is a bounty of bad news when it comes to our food supply here in the U.S., from Bird Flu to droughts to citrus disease. How bad is it really? Click here to read more

Billionaire predicts catastrophe for world finances

A very seasoned investor/businessman-billionaire is saying the worst case scenario will make even gold worthless! So should we be buying food and land? Find out more here.

Clear differences between organic and non-organic food, study finds

Organic food has more of the antioxidant compounds linked to better health than regular food, and lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides, according to the most comprehensive scientific analysis to date.

The international team behind the work suggests that switching to organic fruit and vegetables could give the same benefits as adding one or […]

Multiple sclerosis ‘linked to food bug’

A food poisoning bacterium may be implicated in MS, say US researchers.

Lab tests in mice by the team from Weill Cornell Medical College revealed a toxin made by a rare strain of Clostridium perfringens caused MS-like damage in the brain.

And earlier work by the same team, published in PLoS ONE, identified the […]

Cows infected with TB sold for human consumption

Cows slaughtered after testing positive for tuberculosis have been sold for human consumption by the government’s food and farming ministry.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs sold raw meat from 28,000 animals a year, distributed for human consumption.

But, The Sunday Times reports, the meat is banned by most supermarkets and burger chains.


80% of Pre-Packaged Foods in America Are Banned in Other Countries

If you or your kids enjoy pre-packaged convenience foods commonly found in grocery stores across the U.S. such as Froot Loops, Swanson dinners, Mountain Dew, and frozen potato and bread products, you may think twice before purchasing them after hearing what they contain: dangerous chemicals that other countries around the globe have deemed toxic […]

Architect: Vertical farm in San Diego would revolutionize U.S. produce consumption

A young architect hopes a developer will decide to build his 23-acre farm in the center of San Diego. Unlike most farms, this one would reach 500 feet into the sky.

Brandon Martella, 24, graduated from the New School of Architecture and Design last year and quickly finished his plans for the Live Share Grow […]

Food Manufacturers are Fraudulently Diluting High-Quality Food with Inferior Quality Junk

In a predictable trend, food manufacturers are fraudulently diluting high-quality food with inferior quality items.

As ABC News reports:

A new scientific examination by the non-profit food fraud detectives the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP), discovered rising numbers of fake ingredients in products from olive oil to spices to fruit juice.

“Food products are not always […]

U.S. allows chemicals in food that are illegal elsewhere

When Gatorade fan Sarah Kavanagh learned that her favorite drink contains an emulsifier banned in other countries over health concerns, she was taken aback.

“I was shocked that they’d put their consumers at risk like that and that the FDA would allow something like that to be put in products,” said the Mississippi 15-year-old, who […]

Study: Hot chocolate tastes better in an orange cup

European scientists say they have found further evidence that how you serve food and drink matters hugely in the perception of taste.

Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Oxford recruited 57 volunteers and asked them to taste hot chocolate served in plastic cups with four different colours — white, cream, […]