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In the continuing nightmare we call Fukushima, the radiation levels are now 8 times the ‘official’ government ‘allowable’ levels!  Read about it here.  Does anyone think this might be a problem?  I do and have been taking steps to counter what I consider to be the inevitable increases in radiation here in the U.S.

Namely, super greens, loaded with chlorella and spirulina and seagrasses from the atlantic (of course I admit to being jaded here and only use Enerfood).  Eating simple, non processed foods as often as possible-definitely staying away from GM products-and exercising as often as possible, usually about 4 times per week and shooting for 6.

While iodine supplements can be a great addition to our regimen-since most people have ‘under active’ thyroids, I don’t usually recommend it since all these iodine supplements are not made equally and improper use can do more damage than good!  Using a really good clean super green should get your body in condition to combat the invisible, radioactive onslaught!





Happy New Year!…Unfortunately confirmed catastrophe is on the horizon

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I hope that everyone will enjoy a happy and prosperous year, even better than last year.   I want to thank everyone that listens and supports our shows!

Unfortunately, the gravest threat to mankind continues to spew deadly radiation and now there might be evidence of actual destruction off our western shores.  Mike Adams at Natural News draws and interesting connection between the incredible rise in dead fish off California and Fukushima, click here to read all about it.

There is also a report just a few hours old that reactor number 3 is spewing radioactive steam into the atmosphere again.  Of course, the highly radioactive water is still running from these reactors as well.  Click here to read about this one.

I pray that this insanity will cease and quickly.  Someone must take charge of this crisis, and leaving it to the Japanese appears to be pretty useless.  They are incompetent and refuse to recognize the gravity of this situation.




More on Fukushima…

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Arnie Gundersen is perhaps the ‘lone voice’ in the wilderness that is Main Stream Media!  The chart in the link I am providing here shows the release of radioactive elements from various nuclear events.  Fukushima is the worst on record and yet the least reported, at least in my opinion.  This is a world changing event.

In a second blurb, we see that the sailors that have been involved in the Fukushima ‘clean up’ are now filing lawsuits over the physical repercussions they are suffering now.  Click here to learn more.



Fukushima and Radiation Contamination

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I don’t know about anyone else, I have kids and grand kids and this article makes me more than just a little bit sick!  If we continue to allow these type of nuclear atrocities, both here and abroad, what legacy are we leaving behind?  I am disgusted by all the lies and the paltry reporting of these issues by the press.  Ask yourself…’What has happened here and how can I/we change it?’

click here to see the story

7.6 Earthquake hits Costa Rica

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We have seen a rash of earthquake activity, first California then El Salvador and now Costa Rica with a very large quake. Thank goodness that there are minimal human casualties so far.  Now there is a higher alert status on the Turrialba Volcano there as scientists have noticed increased activity and believe that an eruption might be imminent.


I love Costa Rica and am happy to know that there is so little damage. It does remind us thought that very large earthquakes can and do occur in this hemisphere and we should all be ready to respond should one occur near us.


Thank God that this didn’t occur near one of the nuclear facilities in our country. We wouldn’t worry so much about the radiation from Fukushima and would instead focus on the destruction here at home! Believe me, it would be an event that no one, not even a politician would ever, ever forget!


Be prepared, be healthy.

Earthquake swarms in Southern California

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Over 300 earthquakes, two of which were over 5 on the Richter scale, hit Southern California near the San Andreas Fault over the weekend. I don’t know about you but 300 sounds like a lot of earthquakes!


These were followed up with a pretty big earthquake off the coast of El Salvador. It was big enough that it generated a tsunami waring for surrounding countries.


I feel that these events are somewhat related and we could be seeing a larger earthquake somewhere relatively soon. I just hope it doesn’t happen in California near the nuclear facilities there. What we don’t need is another Fukushima!

Mutant Butterflies in Japan!

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17 months after the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl, scientists are finding mutant butterflies now in the Fukushima area. They started noticing this some months ago with Butterflies with smaller wings. Now with the second generation, with small wings, it is a fact that we are seeing fallout (quite literally) in living organisms.


This added to the ‘tiny’ amounts of cesium found off San Diego would seem to me to be significant, although the scientists say that 10 time the amounts found in Tuna previously is till safe! I would not bet on this.


Needless to say it remains our responsibility to monitor our immediate environment and take the necessary precautions. There are several herbs out there that can help you to reduce the effects of some types of radiation, like bladderwrack.



Fukushima….what’s all the fuss about?

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Over the past several months the ‘Fukushima’ debate as I call it has resurfaced and has apparently concerned a few folks. I mean hey, for so long it was just out of sight out of mind. We kept telling people that radioactivity just doesn’t go away in as many ways as we could and people not only got tired of our pleas for some awareness, a few actually complained about our persistent emails to the point that we figured the majority of people just didn’t get what all the ‘fuss’ was about. Out of sight out of mind!


We folks, this issue just isn’t going to go away, not in our lifetimes nor our children’s. Sad but true. I suspect that we will continue to see new levels of ‘background’ radiation being adopted over time and no one will notice…at least not many. Not nearly enough to make a difference.


Once again money will rule the roost…the game seems to be all about ‘saving’ the nuclear power industry. Clean energy-oil free energy-and all that nonsense. Remember these industry guys and their politicians have a ton of money and time. They can wait the storm out and while waiting manipulate enough press and scientific boards to say and do just what they want. All the while the peasants just eat their garbage and continue on with their existence. Not having enough time, energy or money to really make a united stand against this travesty of energy systems.


Pay attention, this campaign has already begun. There are a few outcries, especially from the Japanese people wanting criminal charges and such. I suspect there will be a few symbolic heads roll, enough to appease the crowds while having many esteemed scientists saying how safe nukes are etc and eventually, after many august panels touting the efficiency and safety of nuclear power, lo and behold we will have a rash of new nukes and old ones restarting…mark my words. Sad but true.


Meanwhile take a look at this you tube that came from St Louis, I love it that someone is doing their own research!

The real question becomes, how do we survive this mess?  Has anyone given any thought to that?


Fukushima, One Year Later

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Fukushima one year on. I used to think that the lack of attention on Fukushima was just one of those out of sight out of mind things driven by the lack of coverage by mainstream media inducing some type of lethargy on the American people. So here we are 1 year down the road and the ‘fallout’ literally and figuratively continues and will do so for many years to come. There are still a few voices that continue to show concern, Arnie Gundersen among others continues to be, in my opinion, the most balanced and educated among all those following this catastrophe.


Of course, we still can’t really trust the information that is being fed us by MSM. After all the Japanese government and Nuclear industry are all confessed liars. The damage to the environment continues, hot wreckage is still washing ashore everywhere not to mention the huge debris field in the Pacific ocean. The human damage is, as expected, most obvious the closer to ground zero one gets with Japanese families financially and emotionally devastated. It seems the Japanese government just wants to ignore the incredible damage and just sweep it all under the rug. Nonetheless, damage there is and will continue to exist for decades as the radiation refuses to subside according to authorities wishes and the winds and ocean current carry the devastation far and wide.


I was just in southern California and there is a very large Nuclear power plant there, right on the ocean and fault line. In my opinion it is only a question of time before we see an ‘accident’ a la Fukushima occur. All we need is a large earthquake and tsunami and we are in the same boat….but this time the devastation will be worse in our country. I wonder when we will learn….



Fukushima Radiation in the Ocean

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1000 times the radiation levels found over 400 miles off Japanese coast and they say that they are well below levels harmful to fish and people. For some reason I have a very hard time believing this one.


I am under the impression that any exposure to higher levels of radiation is not good. Just take a look at the incidences of premature births and deaths in areas, especially Washington state, since the Fukushima disaster.


Prolonged exposure of anything to higher levels of radiation will affect the organism, I don’t care what kind of organism it is!


Radiation detected 400 miles off Japanese coast


Associated PressBy BRIAN SKOLOFF and MALCOLM RITTER | Associated Press – 4 hrs ago


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Radioactive contamination from the Fukushima power plant disaster has been detected as far as almost 400 miles off Japan in the Pacific Ocean, with water showing readings of up to 1,000 times more than prior levels, scientists reported Tuesday.


But those results for the substance cesium-137 are far below the levels that are generally considered harmful, either to marine animals or people who eat seafood, said Ken Buesseler of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.


He spoke Tuesday in Salt Lake City at the annual Ocean Sciences Meeting, attended by more than 4,000 researchers this week.


The results are for water samples taken in June, about three months after the power plant disaster, Buesseler said. In addition to thousands of water samples, researchers also sampled fish and plankton and found cesium-137 levels well below the legal health limit.


“We’re not over the hump” yet in terms of radioactive contamination of the ocean because of continued leakage from the plant, Buesseler said in an interview before Tuesday’s talk. He was chief scientist for the cruise that collected the data.


The ship sampled water from about 20 miles to about 400 miles off the coast east of the Fukushima plant. Concentrations of cesium-137 throughout that range were 10 to 1,000 times normal, but they were about one-tenth the levels generally considered harmful, Buesseler said.


Cesium-137 wasn’t the only radioactive substance released from the plant, but it’s of particular concern because of its long persistence in the environment. Its half-life is 30 years.


The highest readings last June were not always from locations closest to the Fukushima plant, Buesseler said. That’s because swirling ocean currents formed concentrations of the material, he said.


Most of the cesium-137 detected during the voyage probably entered the ocean from water discharges, rather than atmospheric fallout, he added.


Hartmut Nies, of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said Buesseler’s findings were not surprising, given the vastness of the ocean and its ability to absorb and dilute materials.


“This is what we predicted,” Nies said after Buesseler presented his research.


Nies said the water’s cesium-137 concentration has been so diluted that just 20 miles offshore, “if it was not seawater, you could drink it without any problems.”


“This is good news,” he said, adding that scientists expect levels to continue to decrease over time.


“We still don’t have a full picture,” Nies said, “but we can expect the situation will not become worse.”


I still take Enerfood and an iodine supplement daily just to remain healthy. The enerfood has spirulina and chlorella in it, both proven to help detox from radiation.

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