U.S. probes source of GMO wheat in Oregon; importers suspend orders

(Reuters) – Two days after news that genetically modified wheat had been found growing in Oregon, U.S. officials said they were no closer to knowing how it appeared, while South Korea joined Japan in suspending some U.S. wheat purchases.

A top official with the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Friday that investigators were “pursuing many […]

Peru says no to GMO

There isn’t much local Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino won’t eat. His highly accliamed Amaz restaurant is devoted to finding and using Amazonian food native to the country, like a 600-pound freshwater fish or a little-known fruit nicknamed “cannonball” that tastes like a cross between a guava, coconut, and melon.

But a year ago Mr. Schiaffino […]

Proposition 37, breaking news

This is just in…the opposition group to the passage of Proposition 37 in California may have crossed the line from lies to criminal behavior. They, Monsanto, Dupont et al, that sponsor the ‘No to Proposition 37’ coalition sent out a letter that utilizes the FDAs logo, a criminal offense according to the law. We will […]

European Union sides with Monsanto on French GMO corn study

Just released, the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has said that the study done at the University of Caens in France on the effects of GMO corn on mice is ‘flawed’. However, they won’t release any details on their findings other than the type of mouse used is ‘prone to tumors’. A statement which I […]

Food Inflation – Post Drought

Now the mainstream media is paying a bit more attention to the drought and resulting price increases in the price of grains and corn in particular. Projected for next year are price hikes up to 5% across the board for products requiring any of the affected crops, which is almost everything these days.


Think […]

Monsanto loses 2 billion dollar suit in Brazil, is this good news?

I can’t say that Monsanto losing a 2 billion dollar lawsuit in this case is good news. The Brazilian farmers claim was that they didn’t need to pay any royalties to Monsanto after the 1st generation crop but could use the tainted seed harvested from that crop to replant the following year […]

GMO labeling law on Ballot in CA

While the FDA maintains that GMO ingredients are no more harmful than other ingredients CA residents have amassed enough signatures to get the ‘labeling’ law on their Nov. ballot […]

Junk Food still in Schools

Nearly half of elementary school children can buy junk food at school, a trend that contributes to the childhood obesity epidemic […]

Organic Growers Attack Monsanto

a hearing on GMO’s was held in United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. On the evening news you often times see convicted former Wall Street financiers walking out of the doors of this courthouse in New York City. This court is the setting for a major legal battle which will impact all grain farmers in the United States. […]

Important GMO update!!!

Though we protest and complain we will have to do it harder. In this article below Mike Barrett reports on further skullduggery from Monsanto and their tactics that lead to the approval of another variety of GMO corn.

As previously reported, while people were de-stressing and enjoying their much needed time off during the holidays, […]