Irish Finance Minister dumps stocks for gold

Might this just be the luck of the Irish or something more? Click here

Billionaire predicts catastrophe for world finances

A very seasoned investor/businessman-billionaire is saying the worst case scenario will make even gold worthless! So should we be buying food and land? Find out more here.

Is it time to buy Gold and Silver now?

Prices are volatile in just about every asset class you can think of and gold and silver are no exception! The million dollar question is always: ‘is now a good time to buy’? Take a look at this article and you decide!

Time to buy Gold? Russia and China think so….

Global currency crisis and financial warfare are leading many to purchase gold. Read here to learn more.

Billionaire Money Manager Bets Big on Gold

Billionaire John Paulson has bet big on Gold, raising his firms investment in the metal to 44%. He has been big on gold since 2009 but his luck has not been so hot for the past 2 years with record losses.


He is betting that gold will remain a great hedge against currency debasement, […]

Euro Problems not Over

Since my last posting on this subject,not a whole lot has changed. Well, except the fact that this situation is getting worse, as we all knew it would, and the markets are noticing.


The stock markets have fallen in 3 of the last 4 days and most of the MSM is placing the blame […]

Economic Disaster coninues to unfold in Europe

As the financial disaster in Europe continues, the German Chancellor Merkel tells Spain to think again on a bond issue backed by the European Community. Spain’s borrowing costs have sky rocketed and are close to 7%. To put that in perspective that is a historical high! For a sovereign country to pay more than a […]

Post Greece Vote…what has changed?

We are now a week out from the infamous vote in Greece to decide whether they stayed in the Euro or left. What has changed? To be quite honest, nothing! Our markets continue to be very volatile, including gold and silver. The markets, especially the sovereign debt markets are getting hammered. Spain is on the […]

Forex after market closed Sunday due to Greece elections

Oanda, which offers ‘after market’ trading will not accept trades this Sunday due to the potential for wild volatility as Greece election results come in. The ‘Forex’ market will open as usual Monday morning.


This is huge folks. I can’t remember a single instance of this occurring and I have been in the business […]

Gold & Silver continue to climb

When you see the world printing more and more paper money you always find more and more people fleeing to hard assets like Gold and Silver. Real estate, thanks to the rascals on Wall Street, is no longer an option as prices continue to fall amid the overhang in supply and foreclosures.


Gold and […]