Euro Problems not Over

Since my last posting on this subject,not a whole lot has changed. Well, except the fact that this situation is getting worse, as we all knew it would, and the markets are noticing.


The stock markets have fallen in 3 of the last 4 days and most of the MSM is placing the blame […]

Excesses of the Elite…vacationing President!

The recent article exposing the enormous amounts of money being spent on ‘vacations’ by President Obama and his wife is phenomenal! They must not realize the dire straits that most of this country is experiencing right now. I expect leaders to be more sympathetic and compassionate to the people that they ‘serve’. Unfortunately it appears […]

Bankruptcy 1 step away

As we have been saying for some time now, the good ole U.S.of A. is technically busted financially! […]

Dismal Job Market continues

Job openings in the U.S. fell in November from the highest level in two years, signaling a sustained labor market recovery will take time to develop. […]

French call for Non Violent insurrection

(Cry out!), a slim pamphlet by a wartime French resistance hero, Stéphane Hessel, is smashing all publishing records in France. The book urges the French, and everyone else, to recapture the wartime spirit of resistance to the Nazis by rejecting the “insolent, selfish” power of money and markets and by defending the social “values of modern democracy”. […]

Post Industrialized United States

The United States is rapidly becoming the very first “post-industrial” nation on the globe. […]

100 Bankrupt Cities in U.S.

Overdrawn American cities could face financial collapse in 2011, defaulting on hundreds of billions of dollars of borrowings and derailing the US economic recovery. Nor are European cities safe – Florence, Barcelona, Madrid, Venice: all are in trouble […]

Banks want FED to take your rights

Mortgage firms are pressing the Federal Reserve to curb homeowners’ right to invalidate loans based on flawed documents — a right consumer groups say is one of the few weapons borrowers have to battle unfair lending. […]


President Obama has his tax cut deal — now he needs the jobs. […]

Ireland in the tank

Even as Europe’s leaders were praising the Irish government’s deficit-cutting efforts, the country received a dramatically different verdict Friday from a credit rating agency: a steep downgrade and a warning of more to come. […]