Worst fears confirmed at Fukushima

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Now Tepco, the operator of the Fukushima plant, has confirmed that meltdowns have occurred at reactors No.s 2 and 3 in addition to No.1. I can’t tell you how utterly disgusted and disappointed I am with this entire situation. MSM is not covering this stuff and this radioactivity will be with us for many decades to come.


I expect humanity will be worse off for decades. I cry for my children and their children and their childrens children. This is the worst possible scenario in my mind and given the response to this disaster, I expect things to get even worse.


Fukushima plant’s Nos. 2, 3 reactors also suffered meltdown: TEPCO

Tuesday 24th May, 12:00 PM JST




The operator of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex said Tuesday that meltdowns are assumed to have occurred in the cores of the Nos. 2 and 3 reactors in addition to the meltdown already confirmed at the No. 1 reactor, but stressed that it believes the melted fuel is being kept cool at the bottom of the pressure vessels.


Tokyo Electric Power Co also maintained its view that it was only after the giant tsunami hit after the devastating March 11 earthquake that the plant lost all its power sources, eventually leading to the loss of the reactors’ key cooling functions.


The announcement came as the utility is proceeding with work to assess data taken shortly after the nuclear accident occurred. Industry minister Banri Kaieda said the government agreed at a cabinet meeting Tuesday to set up a third-party panel to look into the causes of the country’s worst ever nuclear crisis.


The government has tapped Yotaro Hatamura, a 70-year-old professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo, as head of the special panel, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku said in a press conference.


Yotaro Hatamura, a veteran researcher on human errors, will head the panel which has power to access accident-related documents and question people concerned including officials of the plant operator, Cabinet members and bureaucrats, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku told a news conference.


Hatamura, 70, an emeritus professor at the University of Tokyo, and the other members, mostly academics, plan to compile a mid-term report on the matters in December and a final report will be due by summer 2012, government officials said.


The panel is also designed to make recommendations to ease the impact of the nuclear accident on residents who were forced to evacuate from their homes near the plant following the nuclear emergency.


In its assessment, Tokyo Electric estimated that the pressure vessels of the Nos. 2 and 3 reactors containing the fuel rods may have been damaged if it turns out that the levels of the water inside the vessels are lower than data now shown by measuring gauges.


If the water levels are lower, then it can be assumed a large part of the fuel in the No. 2 reactor dropped to the bottom of the vessel about 101 hours after the reactor automatically shut down following the quake, while the same must have happened at the No. 3 reactor in about 60 hours, TEPCO said.


TEPCO said that the current temperatures around the pressure vessels suggest that the melted fuel has settled at the bottom of the vessels and is being kept stably cool with water injected into the reactor cores from outside as an emergency measure.


TEPCO said in mid-May that it believes that the No. 1 reactor suffered a meltdown about 16 hours after the 2:46 p.m. quake, based on data taken after workers earlier in the month adjusted water gauges to accurately measure the water level inside the pressure vessel.


The gauges had indicted before the adjustment that the No. 1 reactor fuel was half covered by water, but revealed afterward that the fuel had been fully exposed.


As for the Nos. 2 and 3 reactors, the accurate water levels are still unknown as adjustment work for the gauges has not yet finished.


The company submitted a report on its assessment about the reactors to the government’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency on Tuesday.



I urge everyone to get iodine supplements now before it is too late!



Fukushima is the Game Changer

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I can’t believe what I am not seeing. Total outrage and the lack of coverage of the Fukushima incident and the now confirmed cover up by Japanese authorities and TEPCO! I have not seen any coverage that reaches the height of this catastrophe, yet everyone seems to be just happy as pigs in a blanket! Out of sight, out of mind will kill you dead!


Just because radiation is not seen and there have ‘only’ been low levels of radiation detected does not mean that you are danger free!!! In fact, quite the opposite. If you just look at the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster in terms of increases in cancers, still births and other telling statistics (believe me those affected don’t feel like statistics) then you begin to get a picture of the potential this nuclear holocaust will have.


As many are now predicting we will see months and perhaps years of steady contamination from these reactors, especially the No 1 reactor that is in some stage of total MELTDOWN. Yes total Meltdown, the absolute worst case scenario possible is upon the world and we must take responsibility for this.


You ask, we didn’t do it so why should we take responsibility? I would tell you that this is a human catastrophy that will have repercussions for a very long time to come. We are all humans and at some level we are all responsible and all will reap the consequences. Nuclear power is clearly dangerous to the world even though the scientists all say this is a freak accident etc. the results are the same, total meltdown, contamination and high risks of physical illness now and in the future not to mention risk to the genetic makeup of every living thing.


So how do we take responsibility? First you must prepare yourself and family for increased risks of radiation contamination (yes even low level radiation delivered consistently over time is a very bad thing and can cause among other things a break down in your immune response). I take Enerfood, 2 tbsp per day, iosol iodine (a natural iodine supplement)and ThyRobust (EnerHealth Botanicals thyroid supplement blend). I keep on hand Bladderwrack, a kelp that is high in iodine. I also have 6 mil rolls of poly that can be used over your windows, to help prevent excessive radiation from entering, in emergencies if the radiation spikes and you have to stay indoors.


If you have to stay indoors, you will need some stored up foods and a way to cook them. You will also need food that doesn’t require cooking (again Enerfood is great, check out the Organic Preparedness Pail here), as some say that if radiation is high the heat from cooking can attract the radioactive isotopes…something not wanted. Think sprouts, oats (just soaking them can make them edible), millet, chia and other ‘soft grains’ that don’t necessarily have to be cooked.


Click here to link to a blog that I urge everyone to read. It is a fair assessment, in my opinion, of the cover-up/news blackout/crappy reporting that has been going on since the outset.


Oh and by the way, don’t expect anything to change vis a vis governments and their reporting of this incident, evidenced by the most recent death of a worker at the plant from ‘EXHAUSTION’. If this were the case I am sure many of us would already be dead! I am exhausted yet continue to live. Now if I was exhausted and exposed to massive amounts of radiation as this poor soul was, then I could die. That the news is reporting this as unrelated to radiation flies in the face of reason!


Further evidence of a cover up is put forth by the large Japanese newspaper, Asahi Shimbun, which doesn’t say cover up but does say ‘inaccurate data is destroying TEPCO’s optimistic view of the catastrophe. Basically we have TEPCO, complicit with the Japanese government, creating fictional stories of what should, could, might be happening at this facility. Unfortunately, these fantasis are just that with no bearing whatsoever on reality.


Fukushima update

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I just learned that the plan now is to wrap the reactors in plastic…I mean really? Plastic? While it may ‘help’ limit the radiation I just don’t think these guys have any longer term solutions, well other than the Japanese government bailing out TEPCO as we learned yesterday. Wow, that is a good one there too don’t you think?

MAY 13, 2011, 5:30 A.M. ET

Giant Polyester Sheets To Cover Nuclear Reactor Buildings


TOKYO (Dow Jones)–Giant polyester covers will soon be placed around the damaged reactor buildings at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex to help contain the release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere, the plant operator said Friday.


Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501.TO) will install the first cover at the No. 1 reactor, the focus of recent stabilization efforts.


Workers will erect a steel framework and place a giant polyester tent-like cover around the reactor building. The cover will be 55 meters high, 47 meters long and 42 meters wide.


The operation to fit the cover will begin next month. Similar covers will be placed around units Nos. 3 and 4. The work is expected to be completed by the end of the year.


A series of hydrogen explosions blew up the roofs and upper walls of the three reactors in the days after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami knocked out their cooling systems, triggering the overheating of the reactors.


The explosions scattered a large amount of radioactive debris in the area around the reactors. Workers will have to clear the debris near the No. 1 unit so that cranes and other heavy equipment can approach the reactor. Tepco said it began shifting debris from the area around the unit Friday.


The damaged buildings have come to symbolize the severity of the nuclear crisis at the plant, the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl in 1986. The loss of the roofs and filters above the reactors has led to the steady release of radioactive substances from the complex, prompting calls for measures to contain contamination in the surrounding areas.


-By Mitsuru Obe, Dow Jones Newswires; +81-3-6269-2785; mitsuru.obe@dowjones.com


I have some poly rolls in my garage just in case the radiation gets really bad and I will cover the windows but I don’t expect this to keep out all the radiation, I expect it to help but only just barely. I will stay in the basement until the threat has abated.











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As we have known for months now,  the officials in Japan, TEPCO and the Japanese government have officially announced that the No.1 reactor has melted down and the fuel rods are totally exposed to the environment.   Thus, the massive amounts of radiation which our government is reporting ” doesn’t amount to anything”, will continue to arrive unabated and most likely in even higher doses with more dangerous isotopes.  The longer this goes on,  the higher the probability that these heavier more dangerous isotopes will arrive here.

Meanwhile ‘there is nothing to worry about, all is well’  continues to blare from the Orwellian speakers as the radiation continues to arrive and land…all over our country, food and citizens alike.


As I have said before, the ingredients in Enerfood work and are known to diminish the effects of radiation, I recommend taking 2 tablespoons daily right now, bladderwrack (a form of seaweed, high in iodine) and ThyRobust our blend for the Thyroid, also high in iodine. You also might want to pre-order our Organic Preparedness pail while the price is $199.99 with 2 free 2oz tinctures to boost your immune system.


I am afraid that this will only get worse before it gets better and if left in the incompetent hands of the Japanese it will get a lot worse!


Fukushima ‘Full Meltdown’ Made Official



TEPCO officials confirmed today the months-long of suspicion that the Reactor No. 1 at Fukushima suffered a full meltdown. According to the disclosure today, workers discovered earlier this week that No. 1’s containment vessel has been leaking water and today discovered a sizeable hole they believe was created by fallen fuel pellets. The water leakage not only indicates that the clean up efforts will take longer than originally expected but also that the worst case scenario was already underway when TEPCO said it had been avoided.


Before anybody panics over the very scary phrase “full meltdown,” it’s worth pointing out that nuclear scientists don’t necessarily agree on what that means. The difference between a “partial meltdown,” which is what we were lead to believe had happened, and a “full meltdown,” which is the term dominating today’s headlines, is unclear and perhaps not even that important. According to Columbia’s David Brenner, a “full meltdown” occurs when the exposed fuel melts through the bottom of the containment vessel. That’s not the dangerous part, though. When asked in an interview about the danger of meltdowns, Brenner said:


They’re certainly not good. You can contrast the two major nuclear incidents of the past: Both Chernobyl and Three Mile Island were meltdowns, but the difference in scale is enormous. Chernobyl was the equivalent of 1 million Three Mile Islands. A “meltdown” certainly is not a good thing, but the ultimate consequence is how much radioactivity is released into the environment. You can have a situation like Three Mile Island, where it’s extremely small amount, or a situation like Chernobyl.

The Fukushima disaster is already as bad as Chernobyl according to the International Atomic Energy Association’s scale, but the radiation levels released are yet to be determined. Semantics and classifications aside, the people of Japan’s situation is scarier than before for one reason: that big hole that’s leaking radioactive water puts a serious damper TEPCO’s plan to cool the reactor by dousing it with water. Even if they plug the leak, it’s unclear how much more radioactive water has seeped into the ground or ocean around the plant. This is the third leak discovered by officials, and it may very well not be the last.


This entire scenario is just a disaster for the global community, not to mention the life threatening environment for the Japanese people. Not only is the radiation terrible but their island seems to be turning to liquid beneath their feet.


Alert! Fukushima Radiation Update

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I wake up every day hoping that this nightmare is going away, unfortunately almost every day there is even more disturbing news. It just seems like the Japanese continue to throw teaspoons of water on a bonfire. Someone over there needs to take the bull by the horns and get the entire facility buried under tons of cement. If not we will continue to have more and more bad news.


As this radiation, the gift that keeps on giving, continues to be blown by the winds all over the world and governments, at least ours and the Japanese, continue to deny any lasting problems we will never be aware of the true extent of this problem. Only decades later will someone do a study on how many still births, cancer deaths, etc. were seen in the aftermath of this disaster…by then TOO LATE!


We have already seen the data, worldwide, on the health issues that can be tied to the increased radiation across the globe from the Chernobyl disaster. Why on earth this news blackout continues is way beyond my ability to understand. There should be a ton of effort right now into how to decontaminate land (tune in to our show in about 3 weeks to hear about the theory and practice…yes this has been done post Chernobyl) to grow radiation free produce. More product research into what works the best in decontaminating your body.


In the meantime we know that Spirulina, Chlorella and seaweeds do work (all found in Enerfood, ThyRobust, bladderwrack and Sargasso Seaweed from EnerHealth) and recommend these and other natural forms of iodine supplements. Of course, if things get really bad then pull out the potassium iodide to really fill up the thyroid gland with iodine. But you still have to detox your body!


I have found a couple of blogs that ring of fellows trying very hard to get to the kernel of truth about this situation. What they are writing is as disturbing as it gets!


Click on the following links to learn more:


and  referenced in that blog is another found at:


Folks pay attention to the writings of many and if we see enough real data to make you comfortable to make a decision then do so!  You will need products and food to get through all this mess!  If you don’t get it from EnerHealth do get it somewhere as the likelihood of needing them is growing daily.




Alert! Fukushima Update

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It might be getting worse at Fukushima.  Of course we will be the last to know about anything since the blackout on any real reporting is almost impenetrable at this point.

Update 1: Iodine131 Highest level yet at 1,000,000 times above normal, confirms fission took/taking place. At this point in time, would it matter if it was 10 million, 100 million or 10 trillion times above normal?



Update 2:

Even more telling than the whole media blackout is perhaps the fact that only a Chinese news agency is reporting that radiation levels inside reactor number 1, as we also reported on Friday, are at 700 mSv per hour. That level means only a few minutes of exposure would lead to death.



Update 3: Reactor 4 is leaning- possible collapse imminent.




Update 4:as the media blackout of information about Fukushima continues (due to the severity of the situation and so as “not to create panic” or “lower public morale” if the truth was released), we get drips and drabs of radioactive info today from The Asahi Shimbun. Notice how very quietly, Japan releases information about the severity of the situation. The article highlights the fact (we already knew, but who cares) that radiation levels outside the evacuation zone are extremely high, higher even than around the evacuation around Chernobyl! Let me repeat that – radiation levels outside the evacuation zone are extremely high, higher even than around the evacuation around Chernobyl! But let’s keep this a secret. We don’t want mothers to worry about their children going to school in radioactive dirt. That might cause panic and that can’t happen. It’s all about the Benjamins.What would happen if a major earthquake struck Europe? It will be spun as bullish for the global economy and everyone will get another healthy dose of radiation.


Not so good news folks.  Stay tuned to Survive2thrive.net as we have a guest coming up with what we hope is some timely info on how to decontaminate radiated soil…naturally and improve the nutritional quality of your crop!




Meltdown Fukushima

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What many of us has known, or at least suspected, the fuel in at least one of the reactors is melting according to Japanese officials…now…I believe that it is high time that the Russians take over most of the ’emergency operational control’ since they, among everyone in the world, have the most and indeed the only experience in dealing with a disaster like this.


The world needs to be in ‘crisis management’ mode and not ‘ostrich’ mode. Indeed, crisis management we need in several areas of the world today. Namely, the Gulf of Mexico, as the BP disaster continues and the Gulf Stream weakens further, which, in addition to the nuclear holocaust at Fukushima, is a game changer for our species.


Tokyo Electric admits fuel could be melting at Fukushima nuke plant


OKYO (Kyodo) — An official at Tokyo Electric Power Co., the operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, admitted Wednesday that fuel of the plant’s No. 1 reactor could be melting.


At a press conference, TEPCO official Junichi Matsumoto said, ”I’m not saying with certainty that (the fuel) has never melted,” while noting that the utility has not been able to confirm the condition of the reactor’s core.


Describing the possible meltdown, Matsumoto said it can be compared to a state in which molten fuel accumulates like lava, or a state in which fuel rods get exposed after their tubes were broken. TEPCO considers such states as a meltdown, he said.


Asked whether the fuel at the No. 1 reactor is ”melting” or ”being damaged,” Matsumoto said TEPCO does not plan to define such conditions in haste.


The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has already reported its own estimate to the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan, saying a serious impairment has occurred after pellets, which constitute nuclear fuel, have melted inside the reactor.


(Mainichi Japan) April 21, 2011


If you haven’t begun to prepare for the times ahead, I would suggest you begin now. It isn’t to late yet. I expect the events that are coming out of ‘Pandora’s Box’ to accelerate and really make things interesting over the next several years.