Continuing Balkanization of The U.S.

The saga continues, illegal immigration leading to more births to more ‘U.S. Citizen’ with loyalty to their own ethnic group. Added on top a bunch of buffoons that are loyal to big corporate interests and/or money and you get what we have today-a complete mess, to put it simply. Read more on illegal immigrant births […]

Don’t trust Banks? Then where to stash the cash?

Great article on where you might put your money to avoid confiscation etc. Read here

Weaponization of Finance

It is now official I suppose, finance and money are now weapons of mass destruction. You can see it in the price of oil directed at the destruction of the Russian economy and I am sure that the intelligence community tracks money flows to and from ‘terrorist’ groups. If this is true, then we could […]

At the precipice of disaster

I haven’t been posting too much over the past several months as things in our country continue to deteriorate at the usual pace, fast and un challenged!


The economy is fragile and the ‘medicine’ that Ben Bernanke is giving the ‘system’ will soon become the poison–it is inevitable. This is not just me spouting […]

Crisis of Confidence for the Euro

As the can tumbles down the road, we are now hearing that the Euro is showing signs of some deeper issues developing. At first the Euros flowed from the troubled nations to the core now the capital flows are outward, from the Euro to outside currency havens.


The Euro has lost 8% against the […]

Foreclosues, worst 5 states

Check out the five states with the most homes in foreclosure: […]

Scary Facts about the U.S. Debt

Considering this is an election year, however, expect politicians to harp on facts, figures and terms that most Americans weren’t taught in high school. To help out, it’s time to dredge up lots of scary facts to make you pay attention. […]

Super Pacs…what an abomination!

Thanks to the Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited amounts of money for political campaigns, the Super Pac was born. […]

Gold & Silver continue to climb

When you see the world printing more and more paper money you always find more and more people fleeing to hard assets like Gold and Silver. Real estate, thanks to the rascals on Wall Street, is no longer an option as prices continue to fall amid the overhang in supply and foreclosures.


Gold and […]

Spain, a replay of U.S. financial disaster

Reading about the steps taken to ‘remedy’ the economic/finanical disaster in Spain (all of Europe looks pretty much the same) is like looking at 2008/2009 here in the U.S. all over again!


Merging banks, huge write downs on real estate etc. My issue is why did it take so long to hit Europe? Did […]