Alert! Big Ag at it again-patenting conventional seeds & foods

In a very disturbing development Syngenta has patented a pepper strain developed through conventional means. By doing this, these big Ag companies are establishing a precedent for the privatization of our seeds and the foods that we eat.

I don’t know about you but I was fine with our agricultural system BEFORE these big […]

Proposition 37, breaking news

This is just in…the opposition group to the passage of Proposition 37 in California may have crossed the line from lies to criminal behavior. They, Monsanto, Dupont et al, that sponsor the ‘No to Proposition 37’ coalition sent out a letter that utilizes the FDAs logo, a criminal offense according to the law. We will […]

European Union sides with Monsanto on French GMO corn study

Just released, the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has said that the study done at the University of Caens in France on the effects of GMO corn on mice is ‘flawed’. However, they won’t release any details on their findings other than the type of mouse used is ‘prone to tumors’. A statement which I […]

A Rant on The Way I See Things

Better Than You Could Ever Imagine!


Dear Friends,

As the Nov. 4th Elections role in we see that the

Television Networks, Newspapers and Magazines are

‘A Buzz’ with all of ‘the excitement!’ (Notice that i

did not capitalize the e?). Well, i just returned from a 9,000

mile car trip, and i saw at […]

Monsanto loses 2 billion dollar suit in Brazil, is this good news?

I can’t say that Monsanto losing a 2 billion dollar lawsuit in this case is good news. The Brazilian farmers claim was that they didn’t need to pay any royalties to Monsanto after the 1st generation crop but could use the tainted seed harvested from that crop to replant the following year […]

GMO labeling law on Ballot in CA

While the FDA maintains that GMO ingredients are no more harmful than other ingredients CA residents have amassed enough signatures to get the ‘labeling’ law on their Nov. ballot […]

We’ve been sold out again. We must act now to safeguard organics.

I wrote about this issue back in 2011 and it is a key one in the field of Organic Agriculture, basically the standards we must all abide by or not to consider food truly organic.Big players in the Organic World are playing Russian Roulette with Organic Standards and the opponents they are getting into bed […]

How seed saving and food security are two sides of the same coin

More and more people are waking up to understand just how insecure our food system is these days and how far we have moved from our relationship with our food. At the root of this crisis is the crisis over viable seed, a crisis precipitated by large agricultural interests that promote vegetable and fruit varieties […]

Big ag players like Monsanto increase their pressure on government to deregulate

As the biotech industry continues to spread its insidious tentacles into our entire food production system, it becomes more and more apparent just how weak our government is becoming and just how unwilling, unable or downright paid off they are. This article below by Mike Ludwig from Truthout goes into more detail on the subject.


Important GMO update!!!

Though we protest and complain we will have to do it harder. In this article below Mike Barrett reports on further skullduggery from Monsanto and their tactics that lead to the approval of another variety of GMO corn.

As previously reported, while people were de-stressing and enjoying their much needed time off during the holidays, […]