Could Bill have passed a better bill or are all the “Boys” part of the Bozo clan.

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Watch out folks there’s a knock at the door! The military are home from Iraq and Afghanistan and before they head off to occupy Iran they are going to practice detaining peaceful law abiding citizens right here at home. Sounds like a nightmare political movie right??!! And yet Congress and the senate don’t seem interested in us and what our country stands for. Yes we have to take it back and oppose them but I am convinced that we need to start and continue waking up our friends in uniform to what is going on, clearing the clouds from their brainwashing experience and enlightening them on the task at hand and how they can also widen the net of awareness amongst their fellow men and women in service. In this manner should the day come when they are ordered to arrest, detain or commit murder in the name of freedom, they might have the sense to think first rather than to simply obey orders. Read the article below on why we must oppose what is going on. First we nee to clamor for a presidential veto. It has already passed congress and the senate.

It’s a bad sign when George W. Bush’s defense team thinks that a military bill goes too far in violating your rights. But we’ve got just that with the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act. This bill authorizes the military to detain American citizens indefinitely without giving them their Constitutional rights. Basically, if the military suspects that an American citizen has terrorist ties it can just throw them in military jail without the rights to habeas corpus, an attorney or just about anything.

Let’s say that again — this new bill, which passed the Senate with an alarming majority, allows the military to arrest American citizens on American soil and keep them without trial. It’s being called the “America the Battlefield” bill, because it treats your front yard like a battlefield — and every citizen like a potential enemy. It basically puts a giant asterisk next to the Bill of Rights saying, “unless we don’t feel like it.”

It’s no wonder that former a Bush State Department adviser said that this bill “would likely have been as strongly opposed by the Bush administration as by the Obama administration.” The same people who brought us waterboarding and the PATRIOT Act think that this is a step too far.

In fact, the only people who think that this is a good idea are the people who voted for it in Congress, which has an approval rating lower than that of BP during the oil spill or Hugo Chavez, just to name a few. Even those who trying to see the law with an optimistic light, as Atlantic’s Andrew Cohen does, can only concede that at best “the Senate avoided the worst result here.” Not exactly ringing praise.

The Obama administration has signaled that it might veto this egregious attack on Americans’ rights, but his decision is still up in the air. To let him know how important constitutional liberties are to them, thousands of people are petitioning the President to veto the bill. If he fails to veto, it will likely go to the Supreme Court.

Maybe it’s not so bad — since corporations are people, the government could just indefinitely detain Goldman Sachs.